4 ILGM WW AF and a bag seed, 1st Grow

Hello all ive posted questions about my girls a couple of times already. I figured id start journal to help keep up with issues and growth progress.

For starters ive got 4x4x7.5 ft tent with 6in intake and outtake fans. Im running a 1000w LED (actual input 185 w) ive ordered another 600w HPS light with air cooled hood. Currently i have 2 bag seed plant that i germinated with out a 24hr pre soak in jiffy germ pods on may 2nd. These are them now.

Ive had some ups and downs with these already but its been a blast.they are now sitting in FFOF and watered around every 3 days. The ph run off for these plants is at 6.47. I check run off on water days and soil ph daily. The next set of girls are 4 days behind the first two in blue pots. Ive noticed that they are growing a lot more slowly, im curious to question if its the size of the pots they are in.


I also have 4 ILGM WW autos who went through a 24hr soak for tap root to come out. Then they were place into jiffy germ pods, once i see a sprout ill place them into their forever homes which are 5 gallon fabric pots which will be 60% FFOF and 40% jiffy organic seedling starter soil. Im really anxious for the WW AFs, for the other bag seeds were just a test to see if i could straight soil germ with no presoak as well to test soils, ph levels, temps, etc. I will make a picture post daily as i check on the girls twice a day one AM and one PM.


i usually start out in solo cups,i transplant to 1 gallon pots when leaves extent beyond the rim of the cup.ileave in that until about 1 week before i switch to flower cycle,which i transplant into 3 gal pots.they remain in those until harvest.hope that helps you.good luck


Yea deff helps with the bag seeds. The WW Autos tho i was told by several people to put them straight into their forever home because auto realllyyyy dont like to be transplanted. I like having the bag seed or testers so i can see my mistakes amd learn howbto do the transplants, water, heat, humidity etc. Im also gunna try some lst on the bag seeds. Id like to scrog the WWs.


they are probablt right on that,i usually just grow photos.i would advise you to be cautious with the bag seeds,or any other seed you are not sure of sex,as they can pollinate your females,and cause you to have seedy plants.all af plants are feminised as far as i know.ive been growing a little over a year now.ive succeded in successfully growing 16/16 plants ive tried.always ask a few people when learning anything,easy to weed out bad info.this is a good place to ask any grow info

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Oh i ask tons lol. Now with the photos i wont be able to tell sex untill flowering right? Could they contaminate my females before then or now just when the male start to flower?

Check on the girls tonight not much change through the day. Maybe tomorrow morning will hold a good surprise. WW AFs still havent sprouted but i have faith they will. 11:14 pm 5/21/17

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You have a fine bunch of girls,hope your grow turns out😎

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I walked into a nasty looking trio tonight. Leaves very droopy and the first oval petals have a light yellow discoloring to them. This is kind of similar to my first two how ever the 1st two did not have the yellow coloring. It was scheduled water day, so i checked soil which was dry as expected and watered till slight run off . The ph from run off was a 6.48. The ILGM WW AFs are starting to break soil tonight, ive got one that has shot up today lile a champ. Im expecting to see the rest by morning. I hope the watering helps the nasty trio the look sick.


We have seedlings!!! Its a 4/4 for germ of the ILGM WW AFs. I was a little worried with my the fourth one because at forst i couldnt see the seedling. So i gently lifted the germ pod to see how compact the soil was. Ive noticed that the jiffy germ pods soil will compact very easily and slow up the seedling from punching through the ground. Need less to say when i picked up the germ pod ROOTS GALORE! I didnt even know a seedling that hasnt broke ground could have so many roots amd such a wide long tap root its amazing! The nasty trio is still droopy but not as bad this morning ill check them again at 5 pm. My first two are still very much happy and thriving with joy. Just wish i knew what was wrong wth the nasty trio…

<img src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/3X/


I also wanted to take the time to say thanks to the guys who have helped me so far and to the ones im sure ill bug down the way, appreciate it.


Sorry I missed last nights update my younger sister graduated High school so it was a late night. I also got my shipment in last night which contained my new light, fan, ppm meter, and my 7 gallon fabric pots… Yes those pots are huge.

The light. Well the light works which is a plus but the heat is well…hot. I peaked out at 90F l, when i got back to tent it was at 86 by the time i moved some ducting around as well as the fan i was at 82. Humidity dropped from 75 to 64% as well. Im going to check again here n couple of hours.

                              The plants. 

The girls seem to be doing very well, still have the droopy leaves but they seem to be perking up. Ive moved 2 of the WW AF into their 7 gallon pots with about a 70/30% of FFOF on the bottom layer and jiffy seedling starter on the top. I was going to do the other 2 as well as one of my stronger bag seeds. Ive also come to the conclusion that i only have room for 6 plants so im going to keep the widows amd the 2 older bag seeds. I ran out of FF during the transplants last night so im having to go buy some now.

  1. Where is the most accurate place to record temps and humidity?
  2. About how close should my 600w MH light be to the plants?
  3. How much water should i apply to new soil?
  4. Is 80F to hot for plants?

Heres some pics from this morning.

@Nug-bug @MAXHeadRoom @Matthew420 @B345T @McLovin777

for me
1… i keep my meter about half way between the light and plants so my temp reading is slightly higher than my plants receive so an early warning for me
2… they say 18inches but in a cool tube as close as you can go without them suffering heat damage i am usually within 12in personally until about half way through flowering then raise up to 18inches for fear of burning my nice buds lol
3…New soil?? as in just replanted?? none leave them dry up a little and get the roots searching for new moisture…
4… nah its upper end of their happy spot if it gets higher than say low 80s like pushing 85 regularly can always add an exhale bag or any other Co2 type thingy then the plants will love you even at higher end of 80s

the top 1s are looking good though @TokersHaven… and clearly not hungry, but 2nd row hmm leaves at wrong angle almost as if they are over feed or maybe a little bit stressed them 2 & a little bit of clawing going on with the 1 on the left<< @garrigan62 @Donaldj any opinions on that fella ??

Also on the watering note just watch the little ladies they will tell you when they are hungry and failing that i just lift them and feel the weight of the pot, trust me you’ll feel it when its dry :wink:

Awsome thanks man. That means i can drop my light a good bit. My biggest worry was deff heat i can always up humidity if needed. I always wondered about the temp because i set mine in he potter with plant but with it being black and under the light i figured it would read a little higher then actual temps. Awsome about the soil i didnt now if i should moisten the soil or not ill let it dry. I also noticed that the plants i transplanted last night are showing NO signs of shock and instead sprouted like champs… Maybe bc most of the roots are still in germ pod? Thanks for the quick response to im gettimg ready to go down amd put the last ones in their home:). I think the over feed comes from the FFOF which i why im doing a new soil mix of 70% FFOF and 30% jiffy seedling starter soil. For fear that FFOF is a little too hot for the seedlings.

your not wrong about FFOF being hot see that mentioned a lot with people sticking to straight potting soil for seedlings, I’m a coco fan myself at least that way i know whats in there is by my doing only lol…
but i would certainly just watch them 2 on the 2nd row… it could turn out to be nothing… just that clawing on the right hand 1 has me bothered slightly and then the left hand 1 looks a little pale to me…

and with the temps i just prefer it hanging between lights and plants as that’s where the hottest air would be around the plants

Well now were down to 6… 2 bag seed 4 ILGM WW AF. Placed in homes. Temps on 2nd check was 82. Might have to get co2 machine to match the heat…


Just pull off the tag… hang and walk away :slight_smile: and atleast all the IGLM are going strong no one likes to see the girls pass away but at least its the bag seeds doing it :wink:

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Heyyy good man! No none have passed i just had to pull them… With the new 7 gallon pots i only have room for 6 plants lol. Things were getting to be a pain sliding pots to get to different pots.

Checked temp at 530 pm 84F seems as lomg as i have negative pressure in the tent i suck out good amout of heat. My question is if i switch fans and put the higher cfm on the light hood would that drop my temps more or would they climb because theres not as much suction to pull heat out…