New to the scene - Ideally need advice off an experienced grower

Hi, just looking for some info about setting up my tent and what you think so far!

The plan as of now is…

X2 1200W LED lights (350 actual watt each) - see them here, let me know what you think if possible! (link)

Then as I know LED’s aren’t always major powerful and its cold here…

1 X 600W HPS light (I was thinking HPS in the middle and the two LED’s on a slight angle next to the HPS, perhaps lower down than the HPS aswel?) this would be in a 2m x 2m x 2m tent
PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I’VE MADE SOME SILLY MISTAKE! (I could always get a 1000w rather than 800 if its advisable)

Rhino carbon filter fan kit (heard good things) (link)
question - would this fan fit the 2x2x2 tent and how smell killing are these little bad boys in reality?

I’ve got ph up down - thermo and hydro meter - clip on fan and a small heater (timers are ok il get some)

Just wondering if the lights and fan are all ok for this sized tent and what else do you recommend me getting (besides the obvious pots, medium ect)

9 inch high velocity fan(s) on the floor will keep gnats and possibly other pests from getting established

  • good luck!

Have you advise on a good complete grow kit? thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

what nutrients do you plan on using? fox farm trio are good nutes and not pricey at all
… thats what was recommened to me when i first started inquiring about growing MJ… so far so good

good luck and welcome

I’m not in the US - but thanks bro, il probably look up the best uk nutrients.
I’m still trying to get my head around if LED’s are the one for me, as I love the non fire hazard of them.
Do you use HPS or LED?

i use leds…i have a mars hydro 300 and a vipar spektra 300 currently and a meihzi 900 on the way… i have a few CFLs as well but i give most of the credit to my LED lights

you could use your current HPS setup and integrate some LEDs on the side… based on what knowledge i have leanred, HPS are used maily for flowering…but i could be wrong…but you cant go wrong with some quality LEDs

Run it exactly how you stated , 600 watt HPS as the core center and each LED slightly angle on each side to help coverage but in spectrum that will give you amazing phenemanol results in weight , quality and quantity most definitely . Honestly I’m about to do the same setup in a 4x4x60 tent with a 600 watt HPS and I have not really decide on LED lights yet , but I really want Apache Tech AT200 , Advance DS XML 350’s or XTE 300’s with Advance new XTE OIL LED to help oil and resin production in your garden by 60% , and you can hang 2 CFL grow lights vertically as well for lower coverage , but I think you will love the outcome of that setup .


Dude, check out the… BOSSLED Ⅱ 1600w Double Chips on US amazon, utterly
brilliant apparently, I’m sold after researching them for so many hours.

Just read this now (missed it)
thanks bro! first time setting up is a bit nerve racking, just got to get everything in order - quite proud of my set up now you’ve gave it a thumbs up - I do seriously suggest checking out the bossled 1600w (they do loads of different watt) and the reviews are absolutely fantastic… on amazon US and all over.
Id love to invest in a serious light brand, but for first time, I think il keep in my budget and invest profits into a better one next go round.
Any advice on strains for yielding high amounts? I was thinking Amnesia Haze (fem) hoping to find a few different auto cash crops.


Have look at Heliospectra , Advance Spectrum Maxx or Apache Tech ?