New Grower with yellowing leaves week 2

Hey looking for some advice. I started a 4x4 grow with a couple dif strains. the two pictured are Skytlz and Strawberry Banana. the pics show water on the leaves however I generally don’t get them that wet. they are in week 2 and started getting yellow splotches. I am growing in a mix of organic soil and have only been giving them water. Anyone got any advice


That yellowing on the leaves are from the water on the leaves. When they get bigger you can snip them off they won’t recover. And welcome to the community.


No kidding… I guess didn’t it would matter because I have no nutes in the water and whenever I have watered say like tomato plants I drenched the plant as well. Thanks much for the advice and I will keep the water off the leaves from this point forward :relaxed:

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How long has the damage been visible?

What’s in the mix?

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Well the damage has been visible for a few days, and the soil is a mix of several soils, Green Pro Pride Lands Premium 1 bag, Purple Cow Indicanja Soil 1/2 bag & Mushroom Nature Mushroom Compost 1/2 Bag.

Mushroom compost can make your soil too alkaline. Not saying it is, but it could be. The rest looks good.

I would not be in a rush to change anything. If the damage isn’t spreading, it’ll probably be okay. From what I’ve read, the soil you’re using will be good for at least 5 weeks. After that, you’ll need to feed her something.


Dry them water drops off and I think you be just fine.
Light burn from water magnifying light.

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Outside it may be ok, but the light inside it most often isn’t a good combination.

Direct contact with the growing medium can cause that discoloration.

From the upper leaves I’d say something in the environment isn’t perfect for them. Temp, Rh, too rich of a soil…

Agree with @Deepsix. Other than the water splash, they look nice and healthy :love_you_gesture:

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