Newbie turning yellow HELP

I have only one that’s turning yellow on me.

Outside grow southeast Georgia
Ph runoff is 6.9
Purple haze
About four weeks from harvest

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She looks hungry and maybe some cal mag. Also those brown spots are a concern it’s soporia I know that’s not how to spell it. Mix up some peroxide and water and spray her every few days and repeat until it clears up.

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If your about four weeks from harvest that slight yellowing may be about right on time anyway…

Cal &N …I know its budding but still early enough to add N Jmho…I think you are more then 4 weeks away…Its way too early for the fans to yellow…They usually do that at the last two weeks give or take before harvest.

Calcium deficiency can also give those brown spots aswell but it definitely could be wat you said

@BradsBudsMT @skipper1 @AL_GREEN

Thanks a million for the feedback. I’m old but learning!!
I gave her some cal/mag this morning. May add some N tomorrow.
This is my first grow EVER. Never saw a marijuana plant before planting these, so when to harvest is still a mystery.
I know I’ll have a million questions as I go. This forum has been a life saver.


Well @Tula I’ll be here for the ride haha :grin: good luck.

Yeah youre probly right. Just barely any yellowing there. And I always seem to have 1 or 2 fan leaves that yellow up along the way while the rest of the plant seems to flourish, even in veg. In a perfect world I wouldn’t even have to flush… Just time feeding and water as needed. I need to document more so maybe I can get there haha

What ratio? One cup H2O2 to a gallon of H2O?

Try to get the pH down a pinch to help with the nutrient uptake. Looks like low nitro and CalMag so I think you’re on the right track.

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@BradsBudsMT @Underthestairs @AL_GREEN @Aussie_autos

Thank you! I’ve tried to cover everything. Mixed H2O2 and sprayed. Gave my yellow one cal/mag. Also sprayed with Dawn, baking soda, vegetable oil, water. I’ve given them dry time between sprayings. Also waiting for evening to spray anything else. We’ve got that storm moving in. Gonna try a make-shift plastic cover but waiting to do that. It’s so hot here that it’s gonna be brutal under the plastic. Will have to watch carefully, I guess.

If the rain isn’t going to be as bad as expected, I’ll probably not do the cover. Humidity is palpable today because of the front moving in.

Getting there guys. Couldn’t do it without you. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

@Tula Do not about spraying all that other stuff, I tend to keep it as simple as I can. Just keep in mind the plant has to breath. Good luck

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Maybe an easy up tent if you could stand it down well enough

When I ready the title I thought maybe you were jaundiced and turning yellow!

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Took me a second.

Sorry. Just smoked about five mins ago. If what I just tested is a true precursor to the buds’ potency, wow!

I ordered from ILGM as well. Not here to sell anything, but this is my first time attempt at this. I made so many mistakes……BUT every single one of them sprouted. Lost one to drowning.


I’m hanging in there. Many thanks.

Whoa… I wouldnt have sprayed it with anything… But that’s just me.

Didn’t hit it too hard. Looks happy this evening.