New grower with new grower problems

Hey guys my name is Manny, first time grower. Bought my seeds from ILGM and only germinated one which was a success till I transplanted from a solo cup to a 3 gal fabric pot. She was in her third week when I transplanted and was the first time I fed nutes. The leaves started to curl and the lower leaves are beginning to turn yellow. I had the led lights about 30 inches from the plant so I decided to raise it just in case it was too hot. I’m wondering if anyone can shoot me in the right direction to get her back on track.

Soil: Foxfarm coco loco
Nutes: Foxfarm Big bloom 10ml per gal
Foxfarm gringo cal-mag 2.5ml per gal

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Whats your PH look like?

5.9 when I watered two days ago

I am NO expert, but it appears they have a touch of a deficiency, possibly calcium or magnesium. They also look thirsty.

I watered two days ago with cal-mag 2.5 ml per gal

I don’t know coco loco and what is in it other than coco. Do you know when to start feeding nutrients. I grow in FF OF and I do not need to add any nutrients until week 5 or 6. Maybe a little calmag along the way. The leaves look a little pale. Like they are starved for nitrogen. That is why I asked about feeding nutrients. Big Bloom adds a few nutrients but no nitrogen. If you are using FF Trio, maybe a 1/2 dose of Grow Big is in order. Hopefully some that uses coco loco or just coco will have a more experienced reply.

My only comment is you should be feeding based on a target TDS to avoid issues. A digital meter to measure the PPM out is a vital tool when growing in coco.

According to the ingredients it’s not pure coco. I’m supposed to treat it like soil and follow the FoxFarm soil schedule. These are the ingredients in it.

Aged forest products, coco coir, perlite, earthworm castings, fossilized bat guano, Norwegian kelp meal, oyster shell and dolomite lime (for pH adjustment).

  • It has 50-60% coco coir

Water read 140 ppm last feed

Well I think I think it’s just nutrient burn, the tds in the water runoff is un readable when I used two different readers smh. I watered with just plain PH water. I’ll check it again next time I water, I’ll keep you guys posted.

Stop the nutes.Then flush them every 5 to 6 days with any water it will help. Then add your Cal Mag and proper Ph water last. With this method you should use the proper median. I use organic soil Black gold. Good luck and don’t give up.

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Plain ph water? What kinda of water?

I’m sorry, PH 5.9

I only ask because I made the mistake of trying to ph plain water that didn’t have enough ppm to hold the ph

It’s funny you mentioned that, The water I use is RO water with 0 TDS and my blue lab ph pen gives me erratic readings smh, learned that the hard way…

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Yeah no need to ph ro water (I did the same thing ), it will screw your medium up

So the next watering I’ll add Cal-mag and PH to 5.9 correct?

She’s bouncing back nicely after flushing with cal-mag at half strength and RO water ph’ed to 5.9.
image image

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