The first grow finally started

So I got my auto seeds in water for the next 24-48hrs then going to put them in 4” pots then to 5 gal fabric pots. The 4” pots have happy frog and the 5 gal pots have ff ocean and coco loco. When and what would I feed them first. Are you using fox farm or general hydro for nutrients? I can use all the help I can get. Any other advice you have I’ll be happy to listen.

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If you are using fox farms soil there is food already in it. It should last about a month. How much coco loco did you use? Also from what I read the coco loco contains the following.

Coco coir +
Earthworm castings
Fossilized bat guano
Norwegian kelp meal
Oyster shell
Dolomite Lime
So It’s a blend of coco coir and good organic soil.


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5 gal pot full @Noctis420

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So how much ffof vs coco loco %? Either way I think you are good for at least a month. I would water to runoff and check you’re ppm and see we’re your really at. Hopefully this helped you. Happy growing! :seedling: :v: @Capt.Cola

I did a 5 gal of just ffof and a 5 gal of just coco loco. I will try and water to run off tomorrow. Is it better to have damp or wet soil in the 5 gal when transplanting @Noctis420

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So I am a dwc grower but from what I’ve read using moist, or slightly damp, soil will be less messy and easier to use. Wet soil can create a muddy mess, and very dry soil can be dusty and difficult to manage. Use soil just moist enough to hold together and “mold” into your pot. So let’s say damp. @Capt.Cola

Hey guys first time grower, started with some ILGM white widow


What do I want my ppm to be for seedlings @Noctis420

I personally always start out with a 1/4 strength and move up from there based on how the plant reacts. From what I’ve read you should be at around 250 to 300ppm for seedlings. Perhaps someone who actually grows in soil might be a little more knowledgeable so maybe @MattyBear can help.

Thanks @Noctis420 for getting back to me. I’m a little confused with ph levels and ppm levels. Not sure where to find where I want to be at different stages especially new seedlings. My tap water ph is at approx 7.2. Do I soak my soil collect runoff and go off those ph and ppm numbers before planting my seedlings?

Ok so I did a little research @Capt.Cola

FoxFarm Bush Doctor Coco Loco Potting Mix adjusts the soil to a neutral range of 6.3 – 6.8.

Fox Farms Ocean Forest is pH adjusted at 6.3 to 6.8 to allow for optimum fertilizer uptake.

Growers using soil as their medium should adjust their pH to a range of 6 to 6.8. For a soilless garden(hydro), pH should sit between 5.5 to 6.5. I would mix all you’re nutrients and set it to a ph of between those numbersin 6 to 6.8. You can monitor your ph and ppm every time you feed to runoff to ensure its were it needs to be…
When I used ffof I didn’t feed for a month but I also started my seedlings in fox farms light warrior.
I have heard people say fox farms ocean forest is a little nutrient hot for seedlings. I would not really worry about feeding right now. I don’t feed my seedlings until I see the cotyledon starting to turn yellow or if it’s been almost two weeks. As for feeding you should look up the fox farms feeding charts for the two soil I’lltry to find them for you in a little bit. Also never feed what they recommend. Less is more in my opinion! What nutrient line do you plan on using? Hopefully this helps.


Hey @Capt.Cola to answer your question you could water it and test it before planting your seed. Just test the runoff in the saucer and that will give you a idea of what you are starting at. They also have the soil ph meter too.