Advice for a new grower

My first grow. Used Fox Farm nutrients and I’m at week 10. I did 3 in soil and 3 hydro. Two of the hydros failed (no clue why) around week 9 and one of the soil ones failed way earlier.
Very frustrating but I’m learning, still have three left.


Looks like it could be pre flowers. Difficult to say from the angle, but could be. @Weedlvr0321

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Here you go!

We’ll need more info like what type of hydro system you’re using and do you monitor the ph and ppm’s of both soil and hydro. Both require different ph levels and just the ph can cause all types of problems. More pictures and info would be helpful.


So, my first grow;

All feminized seeds from a seed bank-
Blue Dream
Tropicana Banana
Phantom Cookie

All 5 gallon buckets.

Soil PH- 6-6.5
Hydro PH- 6 as best as I could manage.
Ppm- This is where I believe I messed up. I was trying to follow the Fox Farm charts but I bought a crappy amazon TDS meter so I think maybe that screwed me.

Three were started in coco and I was using Fox Farm (Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom) according to the Fox Farm grow schedule. I realized quickly that coco wasn’t working for me so I transplanted to just regular Miracle Grow thinking that they were going to die if I didn’t.
One of them didn’t last more than a week or two after the transplant.
As of right now I’m in week 10 (from seed).
The BD looks like it’s doing well.
The TB looks like it’s doing well but this one definitely stunted for a while presumably because of the lack of nutrients in the Coco. It’s about half the size of the BD but the buds look good (see pic).
I’m feeding then with the fox farm nutes.

Three were also done hydro (4" air stones, really good air pump, self contained)
The BD and TB were doing great until last week when the BD just died (see pics). Then a few days later the TB died. Maybe I was using too much nutrients or something. The PH was adjusted maybe 1-2 times per day.
The PC hydro looks like it’s in trouble as of today, some of the leaves started to sag and not look great (see pics). I switched to regular water and only half the nutes and 5 hours later it looks a little better. Maybe my problem was using too high of a dosage for the hydros. I believe that this one has at least a few more weeks left(?).

From now on I’m not gonna do hydro there’s just too many variables. I picked up form Happy Frog this morning and am planning on starting 4 more. Same strains as before but I got a seed mixed in with some bud from a dispensary order so I’m gonna grow that one too and hope it’s female.

This ones the Tropicana Banana hydro. At this point I didn’t know what else to do so I cut it down :pensive:.

This is the still-growing Phantom Cookie. Hoping that cutting the nutes in half will bring it back. This problem was only showing on a small percentage of the plant so I’m hoping I cought it early enough.

This ones the TB in the soil-

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Thanks for moving my post to the proper location whoever did that!

Thank you, they did move it for me. I wasn’t trying to take over the post or anything just wanted to share the buds.
Alot of these make me jealous!
Hoping I can get to that level.


Imo your troubles are from switching up your growing media so much. All 3 are different and require different care. The transplants shock plants as well.

A cheap tds tester should work fine. What is your ppm in and out?

Well there was only one transplant and that was because I realized I shouldn’t use coco, last ditch effort to save them.
I was intrigued by the hydro because I thought it would grow faster and I wanted to compare with soil side by side.

What should they be? According to the FF schedule it says 1470-1610 for hydro and 1820-2030 for soil, I’ve been following that the whole time but it seems high. I measured the runoff yesterday and it was high so I dropped it to 750, should I use more nutrients at this point? Referring to the soil ones.

The unhealthy looking plant (hydro) looks worse today.
I replaced the water yesterday and added half nutrients, but it just look weepy with some curling and brown leaves. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. :thinking:

If done properly hydro and coco will both grow faster than soil in my experience. I’m surprised you had trouble with coco honestly. I just switched from soil to coco and kicking myself in the butt for not doing it sooner. Takes all the guesswork out of growing imo.

You probably get best results in hydro somewhere between 800-1200 if you’re talking mature plants. As long as your nutrient package is complete that should be relatively easy too. I would expect more of an issue with water temp, oxygen, or something like that. Soil a little more open ended as plants can do fine with really high ppm if everything else is in order.

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Got any resources I could check out for coco/hydro growing? Basically the reason I had trouble was because I had the wrong net pots (lack of planning on my part). The coco I was using was too fine and just fell right through the pot, that and the O2 bubbles constantly aerating it, it just wasn’t working so I abandoned for now instead of wasting attention and time on something I didn’t know enough about.
I think I’d try it again in the future after I’m more educated.

What kind of water should I use? I think that could be another area where I messed up.

You really need to do more research into what method you want to use…
Your doing to many things to fast…
For water you should be using rockwhool and hydrotone…
For coco , you should be using a little hydrotone and coco…
If your going to run soil , then run soil…
You really need to figure out which way you want to grow and master that technique…
Once you start to understand each method , you will be able to stick your toes into different ways of growing…
Right now you don’t know what your plants are saying to you…
Bottom line , is…
Too much , too fast…
I love your enthusiasm , but you need to be able to walk before you can run…
At this rate , you will disappoint yourself more then anything…
Not trying to kill your vibe…
I just see this kind of thing a million times…
Pick one way at this point to grow…
Master it…
Then move to other ways of growing… :+1::wink:
I just want you to succeed my friend… :+1::wink::grin:


My thinking was that by doing each method from the beginning I’d be able to figure out which one I wanted to go with for the next grow. I suppose in that aspect it worked, but you’re right I need to just stick to one and get good at it. I’ve definitely learned alot so far but not enough.


I will be here to help…
It’s just very hard to teach so many different ways of growing at once…
They are all different and require different techniques to accomplish your goals…
Just alot of info to explain…
You have plenty of time to get things in order…
And so far your at least growing some medicine…
From what I can tell , maybe start with some pro/mix and watch your watering and get a good nutrient line…
Maybe Jack’s 321 …
Or general hydroponics 3 part…
Or the Walmart brand of liquid nutrients…
I’m not a big fan of advanced nutrients , so sorry for that…


I agree with peachfuzz, figure out what you want to do and see it through. The three are too different for a beginner to be doing all at once.

The resources on coco I know aren’t able to be linked. The information is all here though if you look. Or there are some tutorials on coco if you do browser search. But I would say you probably shouldn’t have had coco in net pot at all. Plain Jane fabric pot should do wonders. Save the net pots for hydro and use hydroton with those.


Still in my first grow, and I have 1aeroponic plant, one indoor soil plant, and 1 outdoor soil plant. I can say for sure some good and bad about doing multiple grow types. The good:
I found I don’t care for soil nearly as much as I like hydro growing. I learned that pretty quick, but will hopefully still be able to harvest the 2 soil plants. I learned what my Aeroponic system can produce. Very happy with the results, even if it’s just the one huge plant.
The bad.
I have neglected the soil plants. I found the soil grow just does not hold the same appeal as hydro growing does for me, and have many more issues with the soil plants then the hydro plant.
There have been so many people helping with this grow, I can’t say enough good about this forum. Any and every question I have had was answered quickly and with great information. @i_am_a_yeti , @peachfuzz is a super knowledgeable hydro grower. @dbrn32 can answer any light question you can think of, you are in good hands!


Gotcha. I will definitely search around on here.

I picked up some Happy Frog the other day, I’m gonna start a new grow in that. With something like that, do I still need to add nutrients or are there enough already in the soil?

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I’m glad I came to the right place! I’ve already gotten some great info here.

My main problem with the hydro is regulating the temp. I live in New England and it’s been pretty humid here this summer. I run a dehumidifier but it heats up the air. The tent has been consistently between 80-85 and 55-65% humidity while running the dehumidifier. If the dehumidifier is off when it’s not so nasty outside the temp can be between 76-82. I’ll definitely try it again as I learn more.
What is it about the soil you didn’t care for? I feel like the soil removes alot of variables compared to hydro.

:flushed: :cry: :tired_face: I see you picked up HF so hopefully means you know the diff in soil quality varies greatly

These stood out to me upon reading and the fellas replying here are more than capable of steering you straight @i_am_a_yeti - welcome btw


I like the full control you have in hydro. The plant has only what I give it, nothing more. I use distilled water, so literally nothing but what I feed her. The PH is easy to control, the only issue I have had is the water temp. Once I get a chiller, I could leave the system for days with no worries of anything! Soil is just not enjoyable for me. I have had tons of issues, much smaller plants, and overall a less productive grow in soil. Plus, I built my Aeroponic system so it’s rewarding to see
The plant thrive in something I built from scratch.