New grower and grow journal

Hello I’m very new to this and have never grown anything before. I have a Vivosun tent 36x36x72. I have a bestva reflector series elite 600 watt led. I have a Vivosun 6 inch 390cfm fan with carbon filter and 25 ft of aluminum ducting. I have a soil meter and a tds meter and a ph meter. I have 4 of the 5 gallon pots with Fox farm ocean forest. I mixed the fox farm with roots organic and black gold. 50/25/25 I heard fox farm is hard on new seedlings so I wanted to give it a fighting chance. I will have a fan in 2 days and a net for the tent. I’m thinking about getting an ac infinity fan with the digital reader and then use the vivosun to bring air in. Should I get my carbon filter on the outside? I have not been able to germinate any seeds. I’m on my last 4 seeds out of 20 and I believe it was my inexperience but others have had issues with the gorilla glue auto. It’s my very first time growing and I’ve spent probably more than I should have but I want to get my medicine where I know what’s in it. I also got fox farm liquid nutrients and ph up and down.

I have also written down on these last 4 in a notebook to keep track of what I do and so I can learn and be successful. Thank you everyone


Hell ya I’m here !!

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is that what I hope it is.


@Cyle1 @Jbum is that a starting tail?


Yes sir!!! Congrats :tada::balloon::confetti_ball::champagne:

Keep her dark

Now let it get just a wee bit longer and plant her tali first. Very carefully of course.


K so this may sound like a dumb question but I have read a lot for autoflowers and it seams like it’s 50/50 with some saying that autoflowers should go directly into its final pot and others say solo cup then transplant. I would be crushed if I killed it after germination. I don’t have solo cups because I was leaning on final pot. I have fox farm ocean forest 50% and roots organic and black gold 25/25% soil ph reads at 6.3/6.4 it’s not a digital soil meter but it stays by that ph. I can go and get solo cups but I’m very limited in my area as to what I can get. I had to order everything from online and have it shipped to me. Thank you so so very much for your wisdom and encouragement.

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Just make sure the seeds going into seed starter in the middle

Any 12 - 16 oz (approx.) plastic beverage cup will do, it is more the size and low cost that drives us to them. Be sure to make drainage holes in the bottom and sides. Clear beverage cups or cut off soda bottles work great for humidity domes.

I wouldnt use foxfarm soil for will burn the little wonder. Nutrients will also burn your seedling the first few weeks. I use a seedling soil for the first month without giving any nutes. Then transplant into final 3 or 5 pots with foxfarm ocean forest. Goodluck


Is there anything that wall mart may have at a store? I have had to order everything online and didn’t get seed starter because I didn’t know I needed it

Ok so this is 24 hr in a paper towel. Should I let the other 3 stay in and prepare the first one?

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The longer one is definitely ready for dirt

Yes let them grow. Also Waltmart does have seedling soil but that black gold should work. Adding perlite would be a plus but not a deal breaker. I like good drainage so I use it a lot. As far as solo cup or straight to pot. Well the reason they say straight to pot is you don’t wanna stress an auto or stunt because of the shorter lifetime. BUT people will also say as long as you transplant properly no biggy! So it’s a personal preference thang!,

Congrats on the tails just make sure they are pointing doiwn in the dirt and dont packe em in.


@Jbum thank you for that . Would foxfarm ocean forest at 50% and black gold 25% and roots organic 25% be to hot to go into my 5 gal fabric aeration pots??

Not if you do something like this making the yellow the black gold. Then the root organic then the OF


@Jbum k is there any soil that a Wal-Mart may have because I’ve already mixed all 3 of the soils together and I’ll have to do solo cup and then transplant

Yes just get a seedling starter. Just be sure it has no time release. You can still plant straight in the pot just fill a solo cup size hole with the seedling soil. Just don’t over water it. Also I keep mine dark until they pop above the soil. Just an FYI

Congrats on the tail and welcome to the end of any free time you thought you may have!


@Jbum@TXCanna @Cyle1 so they don’t have anything here for seedling starters. No jiffy or anything. I was told that Wal-Mart had a recall on the jiffy container for seedling starters. There isn’t any seed starting soil here. Would potting mix with moisture control work?

I would transplant autos only if you know how to do it carefully. I would use any potting soil with perlite and soak the container you choose well before planting. I start with .3 gal or 1L air pots. Transplanting is easy with those, but solo cups should be pretty easy too. I would then clingfilm the top of the pots to keep water and heat in. Moisture control or not, doesn’t matter much. After burying seeds a knuckle deep, Then I stick them under a grow light for warmth and light. Check every 12 hours and spray water only if it is drying a bit.

Well here goes nothing. Other 3 1 has a start of a little tail and the other 2 still nothing. Going to keep trying. I have planted the first one to sprout with about a half inch tail.