New Grower, Educate Me

Are seeds produced from my Bruce Banner and GSC Extreme Autoflower feminized?

Not if pollinated by a male. You have to turn a female into a male then pollinate a female with that pollin.
If your female naturally starts to have male parts. The seeds produced will probably do the same.
Google how to make feminized seeds. You will get all the info you need.

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If you want to make feminized seeds you need colloidal silver and what u would do is u would grow ur autoflower and then i believe that you mix 40% colloidal silver and 60% distilled water together and put it in a spray bottle now you can either spray ur whole plant with this mixture or u can nominate a branch or two to spray because once u spray ur whole plant with this u can not consume any of this flower but if you nominate two branches you carefully spray those so u can smoke the rest of the plant but u can start spraying ur plant as soon as u see hairs in the nodes u will spray those branches for three to four weeks and soon u will see pollen sacs and when there ready to open u can collect the pollen or u can let ur fan blow the pollen around ur grow room to pollinate ur girls .but you should have a look on YouTube at videos about this