Pollinating and Seed preservation

Hi all, I’m wanting to start pollinating a few buds in my next grow. Does anyone know a reputable grower I can contact to purchase pollen? I’ve also heard of something you can spray on your buds and makes your female plant automatically grow seeds has anyone heard of this? Is it safe? Is anyone currently preserving any old genetics?

Yes it can be done with colidiol silver not sure how tho

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Colloidal silver is applied to a flowering plant (or branch) which over a couple of weeks forces the plant to produce male flower. Pollen is collected then applied to either the same plant or another, depending on what result you’re looking for. Seeds will be feminized.


I’m sure YouTube has something on it. But how d you apply it to the plant…at what stage in the plant life do you apply then how much do you apply? I find that wisdom from other growers on this forum is much better than watching videos.

Colloidal silver ppm 50% I use it on autoflower I spray the top of the plant only 3 times A-day for 10 days And I let her pollinate herself You will collect hundreds of seeds Which will be autoflower femalized The plant you spray Colloidal silver 50%ppm You will discard As this plant becomes useless and unsmokable But the reward is hundreds of autoflower femalized seeds Hope this helps and good luck