I want a male autoflower

The only reason i want a male is to try and grow my own autoflower seeds. Just somthing i think about and want to try. Like can you use the pollin from say a male bruce banner and pollinate a purple kush and will the seeds of those two make a different strain? The Purple Banner? Haha or Bruce Kush. Just a thought i want to try. I used those for example because im currently growing them. I will sacrifice a plant and grow space in the name of science and free seeds. Haha.


Colloidal silver is the only way you can get autoflower seeds unless you can find someone selling non-feminized autoflowers.

Do a search here for ‘colloidal silver’ and you’ll find all of the info you need to make seeds.


Thanks for that. I looked into it real quick and basically you spray the colloidal silver on the plant in pre flower to promote the male parts to have a female pollin that you could use to pollinate the same plant. So how would i cross pollinate 2 different stains using this method. Hmmmm. Could you do this to an auto clone…? Hell I’m going mad scientist with this. My mind is racing. I got purple kush auto clones right now. I need to order some colloidal silver. The Purple Banner will happen people.

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Call it bannush.

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The clone is on the same timeline as the mother. Not really something you can do.

Isolate one branch of each plant; douche with c.s. and collect pollen (normally bag the branch). Use pollen from plant A and pollinate plant B: you’ve just crossed them with each other.


If you had pollen in hand, and you took cuttings before they were too far into flowering so they had time to grow the seeds to maturity, I think maybe it could work.

@noddykitty1 does something like that, with photoperiod monster cropped clones, I believe.

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I was thinking maybe if i were to start a purple kush and a Bruce Banner the same time. Clone 2 branches of each. I would need a whole room dedicated to this. Somehow isolated each of the clones i will be trying to get pollin from. I’ll have the 2 other clones i want to cross pollinate in their own grow space. I think this could be cool to try. Would the seeds i get from either plant be different from each other when grown.

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I’m basically where you’re at. My goal is to find something I can work with outdoors in my climate, then play around with it.

From what I understand, you ain’t keeping that pollen separate from anything. Nature will take over and make it happen. So if you wanted to know who your daddy is he needs to be the only one in the room with your mommy.

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Problem you run into is that autos don’t sit in veg indefinitely on long light schedule. At least they shouldn’t. You take a clone from an auto and if done properly it will root, but it shouldn’t keep growing. It will transition to flower just like it’s mother and you’ll have a small plant and not much flower to pollinate.

Imo if you want to be successful doing this you hit a brach or two one one grow then collect the pollen and apply it to plant(s) on your next grow.


I have got nothing to add unfortunately. I have only grown out autos 3-4 times that came as feeebies. They were fun but not my cup of tea. I am not a huge fan for all the reasons @dbrn32 mentioned. You cannot manipulate them or keep them like photos because that timer is always counting down. I even cloned the autos, they cloned as easy as photos. But a lollipop bud on a stick was not useful as I could not pollinate it and finish up in time before it just gave up.

If you want to pollinate them you have got to do it early. It would have to be a dedicated seed run with no expectation of smoke. If no one sells regular autos then you would have to hit a young plant with CS or silverthiosulfate just as all ready suggested. Then wait for the 1/100 or 1/1000 gem of a male to pop out of feminized seeds. It happens even to fems but that’s another story.

Anyway, I think if you crossed auto lines (unrelated autos) you would still get some photos in the f1-f2 generations. Fine for a hobbyist. But if you were doing it for seed sales (reputation) I would bet you would have to go f3-f4 selecting the “best auto” trait expression. Those would more or less be heterozygous for auto traits at that point. Then you would just open pollinate those brother and sister lines alone and they would stay more or less auto. I think it’s when you make new unrelated crosses that the photo trait pops back up again…and has to be f(x) out again.

I suspect that open pollinated (I never tried but I bet so) autos have males and females closer to 1:1. But to get seeds and not sharing males makes sense from a breeders point of view. No one gets their auto males (trade secret) traits; and people doing limited or perpetual grows don’t want males. The selfed CS is what makes female seeds. Nothing to do with the auto traits.

But if you crossed an auto with a photo the (quick square in my head) offspring would be approximately 1 auto for every 3 photos in the brother and sister seeds. You would keep those on 20on (lights) and wait for autos. Then pollinate those with each other back out to the f3-f4 again. To have a “reliable” auto flower.

That’s way too much work for me. I will just stick to my photo reg seeds and happily (ruthlessly) select for mold resistance and terps.

Happy growing all🙀



man i bought 10 fem seeds and 3 were male, i want the opposite of what you want lol