How to make auto flower seed

How Would you create auto flower seed ? same as feminized seeds?
Not much time to work with!

I googled it. It came right up. O.0

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Welcome, Livebird.

You need to start with autoflower (mostly Ruderalis) genetics.

It’s a process that takes a long time (multiple breeding cycles). It’s easier to buy something from a reputable breeder.


Thought first round make pollen if possible
Second round pollinate
You’re probably right just buy seed

Should I dare ask what came up
Just need pollen

If I have this wrong, someone please correct me. I’m not a geneticist.

Worst case, it looks something like this:

Starting with regular autoflower seeds and the photo period cultivar you want to breed in, you cross them. (~12 weeks)

Those will all be identical. Call them Pa seeds (photoperiod-dominant, but carrying a recessive autoflower trait.)

You breed any male Pa with a female Pa. (12 weeks)

25% of those 2nd filial generation will be aa, 25% will be PP, and 50% will be Pa. So you crack 20-30 seeds, and keep them under a 20/4 light schedule. The ones that show sex, you keep. Now you have autoflower cultivars that are some combination of the 2 parents. (~12 weeks)

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Just not familiar with this auto flower like it though

OK you’re right I’m over my head
Not as simple as I thought
Thanking along the feminizing process
Old school
Illegal state

If you were absolutely cranking, and nothing came up you could do it in 9 months. But that’s not really good breeding because I didn’t mention selection for a second trait. All we did was combine two very different cultivars and produce an F3 that’s going to autoflower. But that’s not really useful because you can buy regular autoflower seeds and breed them, if all you want is more seeds. It only makes sense to cross with a photoperiod plant if you want to bring another trait in.

*I stated before that you start with a regular autoflower seed. You can start with a feminized auto if you want. You’d still want a natural (XY) male contributor as one parent though.

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Want a quick genetics lesson?

That’s what I meant
Using auto flower plants to make seed
Everything is feminized no male

Kind a late in the day for a generic lesson but thanks

I’m just gonna go ahead and provide a super simple breakdown:

Cannabis has chromosomes that determine all the characteristics we see. The mom and dad each contribute half of each pair. “Pa” is shorthand for a chromosome with a dominant photoperiod trait and a recessive autoflower trait. The DNA of cannabis is a sequence of more than 2 dozen chromosomes (…I think).

Looks something like this:

Ts (tall/short)
Gp (green/purple)
Tc (potent/CBD)
PP (photo/photo
mm (mold resistant/mold resistant)

I’m really dumbing that down. Point is chromosomes can be recorded in a notebook like that.

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For just one chromosome, we arrive at uniformity for the first offspring (filial 1 or F1).

In my example, they all were Pa.

The offspring of the F1 will have equally distributed chromosomes.

Pa x Pa:


aa aP

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I don’t know for sure if ruderalis contributes a recessive autoflower chromosome. It could be dominant for all I know. That’s why I cautiously said the schedule I laid out was a worst case scenario.

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