Seeds from an auto?

One of my Original Glue auto produced seeds. Would they produce an autoflower plants?


@plumbdand thats a good question. IDK. Lets ask a pro. What do you think dose the ruderalis gene carry on in auto seeds.

Im gonna guess ya. I think it will still be auto seeds. Unlike, the femilizing process.

If an auto self pollinates I would imagine the seeds would be autos but Ive yet to grow autos so I dont know. Im getting ready to germinate a cheese auto to grow outside this year.


It depends on if pollen from a photo got on it then no but if it’s from rodelization and the seed is fully developed then yes

I had an autoflower I grew outdoors and it went to seed and produced bunches of seeds.

I took 24 of the seeds and grew them to maturity, half were male, half were female, all were autoflower…


A friend had some to self pollinate and I had the same question since I have some of the seeds. Here’s what @MattyBear had to say.

I have 2 of them growing now.
This one is in preflower.

This one is showing sex but no real pistils yet.

No light change so they are autoflowering.

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I have an experiment going on this subject. I am a Photo grower but ended up with some free auto seeds and so I grew them of course…well all three hermied on me, I kept some seeds and this is from that seed lot…seems to be doing ok at this time but as many have said it is a crap shoot to know how the seed will turn out


if you crossed auto lines (unrelated autos) you would still get some photos in the f1-f2 generations. Fine for a hobbyist. But if you were doing it for seed sales (reputation)you would have to go f3-f4 selecting the “best auto” trait expression. Those would more or less be heterozygous for auto traits at that point. Then you would just open pollinate those brother and sister lines alone and they would stay more or less auto. I think it’s when you make new unrelated crosses that the photo trait pops back up again…and has to be f(x) out again.

But if you crossed an auto with a photo the (quick square in my head) offspring would be approximately 1 auto for every 3 photos in the brother and sister seeds. You would keep those on 20on (lights) and wait for autos. Then pollinate those with each other back out to the f3-f4 again. To have a “reliable” auto flower. To keep them reliably auto is a lot of work.

Selfed autos (as stated) would be all auto offspring. Regardless if it was rodelized or a true hermaphrodite.

I find it ironic that fem auto seeds are the bees knees. If regs were demanded, the autos would not be so “mystical” to breed. In my point of view it’s more like this. No $ breeder gets their auto males (trade secret) traits out there to keep it exclusive. They do a good job of pushing the narrative of “No males as a good thing.” That’s only true if you never plan to make your own reliable autoseeds.


didn’t know you were that good at math old friend ,…ahaahahaahaha :cowboy_hat_face:

All of mine have been photos

That makes sense, thank you for taking the time to explain it

I have had 3 seeds from 3 auto plants. Every one has grown normal. I still have about 60 seeds from one and has a friend that grows this one strain almost every grow. I can’t say they will not. But out of 4 plants, one was mine that seeded. All have been straight female autos to date for me.

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