Are they autos?

Hello everyone. I was wondering if there is a way to tell an auto flower seed from an auto flower? I know a lot of people just read that, and was like what the hell is this guy talking about. Well I’ll explain it may help lol. I had 3 strains of auto flowers. I also grew some non autos. Well one of the non autos ended up being a male, and bingo bango I have a ton of seeds. ( I left the make in on purpose just for the seeds)

So from what I have read the seeds will be 50/50 chance of auto or photo.

I did notice from the autos they grow a hell of a lot faster in seedling stage. Well they do all stages but seedlings I noticed the most compared to photos. So I popped some seeds, and a couple are doing well at better than others. I’m wondering if it’s a sign they are autos. Here’s a couple pictures.

I do not believe there is any to tell. Also it is a coin flip whether those seeds will produce males or females.

Actually the autoflower gene is recessive. I believe this means both parents must possess the gene for the offspring to be auto. So those seeds you just got would be bred, with each other, then you would have a few autos… I think… I dont believe it works from just one breeding, I could certainly be wrong though.

So as far as my research shows, you wont end up with any autoflowers unless the photoperiod was heterogenous. But the autoflower plant has a dominant gene that makes the flower cycle shorter. These become known as fast flower strains

This doesnt mean they werent crossbred and backcrossed before the autoflower gene was achieved.
Example: [(TK×AM) ×R] + [(TK×AM) × R] genetics would still be the same but it wasn’t as simple as just a photo bred with ruderalis

You just proved me right. It says exactly what I’m explaining man lol

I agree with you there genetics are strange. Mutations occur all the time. But as to the autoflower gene, it was discovered in 1924 and comes from cannabis ruderalis found in Russia and areas like that where days are long and nights are cold. So not sure what you mean “no one knows…”

Sorry bro I argue when I’m stoned… Lol Which is always… nothing but respect for ya :+1:

What do you mean by heterogenous

Some photoperiods strains have the recessive autoflower gene lying dormant in them already, they call them heterogeneous. If you breed an autoflower with one of these heterogeneous photoperiods, then you’ll end up with some autoflowering seeds. but it’s not well known which photoperiod strains are heterogenous. If your auto was bred with a regular photoperiod (not heterogenous) you will have to breed the seeds with each other for another generation to get a few autoflowers. Then you breed those autoflowers together and so on until all offspring are autoflowers. At least thats how a stable autoflower strain is produced. Hope this answers your question.

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Yes that answers it perfectly. I just need to keep males and getting the females knocked up for a few generations.

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Yep and as far as I understand, the females that dont exhibit the autoflower trait should still flower faster than the photoperiod parent of the first generation.