Need some Seasoned Advice

Week 8, Blue Dream Auto. Noticed brown spots on 1 or 2 fan leaves; just wondering is that normal for aging, or is something else?

Second shot, is the color possibly caused by too much or too close to lighting? Or am I watching this too closely :slight_smile:

I know thats not much info, but just wanted some general opinions atm. Ty Much


Bud shot looks good that leaf is concerning me personally could u have pests

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Possibly phorids, from making noob mistake of mixing box store manure with my soil mix. Otherwise, nothing visual, pretty clean grow environment.
New at this, but keeping close watch on ph, ppm, and nuets. First real issue I’ve seen, been an enjoyable grow so far. Ty for reply.

The top l leaf looks like phosphorus to me. I use liquid bone meal additives. For some reason, I get this deficiency more than any other…

The bottom, whole plant pic, looks fine though

Do you have a pic of the bottom of the leaf?

Can see the spots but not all the way through the leaf

The plant is about 38", and only 2-3 leaves show this. Everything else look quite happy. Maybe I’m overreacting:)