Need some help on several things

Question from a fellow grower:

Now my two questions are….
The plant is budding unlike anything I’ve seen. Its like its budding and growing tall at the same time.
My question is that normal to be so spindly while budding?
My second question on the same plant is the leaf’s are starting to get spots on the them and I don’t know what might be causing it.
I thought manganese deficiency?

I bought a set of your Bergman fertilizers and having been giving the growtime fertilizer to the plant for 5 weeks and then the last two weeks since It started flowering I have been giving the flowertime fertilizer.

Spots on the leaf’s have been there for a week.
Can you let me know if Im doing the wrong thing?

My Second question is I got a random seed and planted it and it turned into a little shrub type plant. Img 4 and 6
Low growing like a creeper type plant and the buds that are forming are spindly little things…… very weird.
Have you ever seen anything like this?

plants in square pots are root bound. move to 5 gallon.

guessing ALL your plants are outdoor in the backyard where the privacy walls are cutting off light.

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Does your fertilizer have calcium in it? Those rust spots kinda look like calcium deficiency. @raustin would know more about it. I would probably look into upsizing them as well.

Yes, that is a calcium deficiency probably brought about by nute lockout from improper Ph.