Need help predicting when I should harvest PLEASE HELP!

Hi there I have a female outdoors that is in flower I’m not sure when to harvest or if it’s already past its time… Please help!!!

She looks like she needs more time.
Although this looks like it could be a “nanner”

Can you get a clear pic of the yellowish banana looking thing?

Not 100% but i think a few seeds may be around @Calvin1722

Onlwy when I get home later bro… But she did make 2 seeds I saw… She’s the only plant around though

Pollen from other areas can travel in the breeze and hang onto your clothing, but it may look like you have a nanna like @Drinkslinger pointed out.

What could’ve caused this?

Is the bud a waste now or what? What’s my next steps??

Imo if it is a nanner you could pluck it off and check for more or you could chop dry then smoke

Looks like a mean bud

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You may have had a bit of light sneaking into the darkzone.

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Lol thanks bro it was a bag seed. I’m from South Africa so a lot of outdoor grows are mean here

Street lamps can cause it to some extent i have heard.

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There is a nightlight outside on every night close by… Could that be the problem??

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Nothing wrong with bag seeds , I grew my first plants with baggies

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And it’s bag seed… most likely that’s why.

If you’re seeing multiple nanners and seed pods, I’d harvest asap. Otherwise it’s going to focus on seed making and stop producing flower/trichs.


What @Drinkslinger said, just beat me too it, get rid of the bulb.


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Thanks bro. Heres the closer pics @Drinkslinger @anon78295680 @Hungrybud


Not yet. Probably a couple more weeks.

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Weeks to go mate.

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Looks really good! Your fall season is our spring season, we’re not out of frost danger until May 15th, You’re about as far from the south pole as I am from the north, I’m guessing at least 2 weeks, it’s not finished yet, from here on out it really starts putting on the weight!


The Rule Of Thumb is to stare at the plant an hour daily, absolutely sure it must be time. After 1 week, approach plant slowly with scissors in hand. Just before you cut it, STOP. Put down the scissors. You are now 2 week’s away from harvest time.