Early Harvest, Nanners

Hello ~

Can someone please tell me what I’m looking at here?

~ Sour Diesel, week 7 of flower.

The breeder estimates the flowering stage to be 9 to 11 weeks. I image if I could complete this stage over the next 2 to 4 weeks the pockets I see in the buds would fill in as the buds plump up and more pistals would darken and curl inward. Voila! :clap: All would be fabulous in my perfect little world. :partying_face:

Not so fast, she’s popping nanners! I have no idea what may have stressed her to respond with this sudden outbreak. Surely it’s not because she’s overdue her harvest. Not only the pockets in the buds and all the white pistals sticking up, but the trichomes don’t indicate this to be the case either.

Am I missing anything? What do you see? I need to get back downstairs and chop for harvest. Right?

Fellow Grower. :woman_farmer:



You could harvest at this stage. If she’s the only plant you have in flower, I’d go ahead and remove the nanners and spray her down with water as you remove them to help diffuse the pollen.

If you have any other ladies flowering, I would sooner harvest early than run the risk of pollenating the rest of my girls.

Your call - but avoid pollinating either route you choose since it’ll switch your plant from bud production energy to seed production energy. :v:


Yep. This is a nanner. Sorry to see it. I’ve had a few myself.

I’m smoking on some that popped a few nanners and I’m feeling goooood. I wouldn’t harvest this early. Like said above, try removing them.


Excellent advice! @CntMeTwice If you have a bunch of other plants that are doing well i would get rid of this one to try and save the others. If this is only plant ride her out pulling as many nanners as you can.


Agree with @dbrn32 and @Graysin .
My last grow i quarantined a photo and let it finsh, decent smoke but seedy.
Had another auto pop nanners late in flower, harvested early and its only good for wake and bake :man_shrugging:.

It just happens sometimes :confused: