What's this growing out of one of my buds

Just spotted this growing out of one of my buds. Anybody have any idea what it is. It’s a purple bud feminised with around a week to go before harvest.


mmmm, hard to say for sure… but id say its a hermit crab…:laughing:


That’s what it looks like :rofl:

Good picture, what are you using to take that? I’d like to be able to do that without it costing a fortune…

Have no idea what that is… Looks like new growth tho…

Do you have a better picture of that bud or whatever that’s on? I know what it looks like to me but I’d rather have a better picture :wink:

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It’s a banana. It hermid


That was my first thought but, wasn’t 100% sure and didn’t want to say something that might not be so.

:point_up_2::point_up_2: pluck them it you can


If you pluck them does that stop them seeding/taking flower energy?

If you’re late enough in flower plucking them will prevent them from spewing pollen and hopefully give enough time to finish.


If you pluck them it’ll keep them from pollinated your buds. Once the buds are pollinated the plant begins focusing its energy on seed production. The resin dries up, the buds become leafy, and it’s game over.

To the OP. Examine all your buds closely. Pluck any “nanners” you see. If they start appearing everywhere harvest ASAP. It’s also a good idea to keep this plant away from others. Just in case some stray pollen gets away. A plant can herm from poor genetics, stress, or light leaks during the dark period. Check your tent for light leaks and glowing leds from electronics.


8 double tape any led lights even outside the tent.


@HornHead with the gooooooaaaalllll
@BobbyDigital with the assist
And @Drinkslinger with the open netter to seal the deal.

Nailed it boys.
Great info.

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That’s what I thought they were as well. Harvest time has come early.


wasnt too expensive either £18 odds from Amazon


The bananas have to go, but what a beauty!

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Davyg Thanks. I’ll definitely be getting one of these!

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I’ve been busy. Felt like I was the grim reaper in there. Looks like two of my ladies have started to turn. I’ve found the culprit as well, a neon light from an electric fire which I keep turned down low. It’s been a tad chilly here the past few days and the fire was used to keep.the temp.up a bit. Didn’t give the neon a thought. Will the full.plant turn or is it just patches that will produce these nanans. I’m lucky in a way as harvest is just around the corner


I just got home and went straight in mine and found a light from the power strip lit up. I just flipped them last night. I don’t think one night will hurt? ( I hope not)

Man that sucks, but at least you caught them before they got too far.

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How many weeks are you into light flip…?

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