Need advice for 1st grow

What’s up fellow growers. I have ordered my seeds (girl scout cookies extreme autoflower). I am in the process of ordering all the necessities for a good grow. I can’t find a solid answer on two things. I am planning on growing one plant at a time. I am going to buy an led full spectrum light. How many watts do I need for one plant. The grow space will be a closet that is approximately 3x5. I am looking at a 2000 watt led. Do I need that much light?

I am very confused about the nutrients even though I have read numerous articles on it. This site is completely sold out of all the nutrients. I have narrowed it down to either [Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula] or [General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer] both on Amazon. I looked at the NPK values for the nutrients sold on this site and they are way different that the ones on the products I mentioned. I will be using Harvest Organics soil from Lowes so I figure I will need some additional nutrients. I do understand that you need certain NPK values at different growth stages.

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First off its not a 2000 watt light. That is a false number in which many growers get suckered into buying.

I can attest to the quality of the Fox Farm Nutrients. I use the Dirty Dozen line with also Kelp me, kelp you and Wholly Mackerel.

At first I only used the FF Liquid Trio and their 3 powders but I decided to try the Dirty Dozen.

First decide on how much you are willing to spend on a light as you can not go cheap if you want a decent amount per harvest.

I use 2 HLG 260xl rspec lights for a 4x4 tent. @dbrn32 is the Light Guru.

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If it were me, I would use something like panda film and make it a 3x3 space to keep light within that footprint. It’s much easier to light and plenty big enough for a single plant. If you’re committed to growing spend a little extra and get a good light, it will pay for itself on your first successful grow. There are a handful I would recommend for a 3x3 space.

As far as nutrients go, all of the manufacturers use pretty much the same elements, some are just a little more extensive and/or user friendly. But they will all grow good weed. Pick one that you feel you can get good support for. Maybe something your local shop stocks, so can get a replacement quickly if need be.


Thanks for the answers. I really need to stick with an LED light since this closet is not ventilated and I live in a hot climate this time of year. Even with the A/C running it will get hot in there. If you were to use an LED light panel what wattage would you aim for with just one plant? Is a light advertised at 2000 watts going to be overkill or damage the plant. Is an LED advertised at 1000 watts enough?

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If I were in a closet with no ventilation…then I would be buying the 4 pack of QB120’S in 3500k or 3k. And I would remote mount your driver to where it’s not inside the closet. Does your closet have a light bulb in the ceiling?


Probably not, get a light that shows you actual light output and know it’s enough. There’s a lot of manufacturers that stretch the capabilities of their lights.

for lighting go with quantum boards. Dont wind up like me and spend 300 dollars on shitty lighting just to have to go buy some boards anyway. @dbrn32 has a lot of valuable insight on the lights as far as im concerned… he helped my build my light and its kick ass. I use fox farms trio and i use fox farms happy frog soil for the autoflowers.


I have done a ton of research and narrowed it down to either the HLG 260 QB V2 rspec or the Mars Hydro TSW2000W. I think either would be significantly better than the “blurple” lights I was looking at initially.

The actual measurement of my closet is 45"x66", so almost a 4x6 ft grow space. I am growing for personal use and the seeds I bought advertise 4-6 oz per 3x3 ft. To be honest, 2 or 3 high quality oz would last me a year. I am only growing one plant at a time. Considering that, which light would you recommend for my needs and grow area? I am leaning toward the Mars Hydro. Would this be a bad choice if I decide to go with it? Thanks.

Being a new member, I ran out of replies in a 24 hr period. Sorry for the delayed response.

There is a 24" fluorescent tube fixture in the ceiling.

My first grow was two Amnesia Haze with only one 1000W (advertised) LED I harvested about 1 oz each dry bud.

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The biggest problem I see with what you’re looking to do is that you’ll have light loss everywhere. You want to keep your space to just what you need and surrounded in something reflective. Flat white paint is ideal, but not 24 ft² when you only need 6-9 ft².

The hlg light is the better light, but I agree both better than a cheap blurple.


I decided to go with the HLG light. I am going to try my first plant with the one light and see how it goes. I can always buy a second one if needed. Since I’m renting my house I never know what type of grow area I will have available in the next place I live. Thanks for the advice.

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Using ff big 3,should anything else be considered? I started them with fish emulsion,and just started feeding ff

Should I still use fish emulsion as a supplement?