Name brand lights = No Name brands Lights

So I pulled the trigger Bought this one after much research and looking on other sites and found out this light is Number 2 out of the the top ten LED Lights of 2021. SZHLUX 4000W LED Grow Light 6×6ft Coverage. No it’s no a brand name. But guess what its within our budget and ALL Points to great effects in growth. So I will let you all know how it grows here. @Bulldognuts @Mr_Wormwood wood @MrPeat @McEasy I have noticed many are liking only HLG, Or Bloom spec


Hey I’m not married to any of them, @Graysin has already convinced me that Kingbrites are worthy

I don’t like alibaba but I figure when I can afford something it might be a kingbrite

I’ll just give her the money and get her to have it sent to me lol

That diy one is also interesting


Hey i dont use a brand name led grow and it works well ive better success with this light

It was in my budget it uses samsung leds but it could be better if it had uv


I was lucky that I got good advice here about HLG
I know nothing about growing weed other than what I’ve learned here

Now that I know a bit more, I would chance a non brand name light if I saw others got actual good results


Well I guess a book report is due in a month from me on my choice I will let you know


@Mr_Wormwood im sure u have seen my white widow auto im growing at the moment its with that light i posted not long ago it is definitely worth the money thats for sure and not only that u can control it from ur phone and u can daisy chain it aswell


U will find ur light for the right price dont worry about that


Yessir. Report back after flowering with yield and bud density! Always curious to see the budget light results.

I’m a 200% believer in KingBrite as my top-tier knock-off budget light. HLG is a beautiful piece of equipment who delivered delicious dense nuggets of resin heaven, but I’m seeing similar results from the KB. I have utmost faith other budget lights can deliver. Hope to see success from yours. :v:


I’ve seen it somewhere for sure, it look quite impressive


LOL would not put any trust in that top ten list, but good luck with it.


As they say “You pays your money you take your chances!”


I’ve probably thrown more than that away on scratchers


Just look for lights that use Samsung lm301b or h diodes.

Just so you know people get paid for you to click a link to an Amazon light. What’s amazing is nowadays almost every list of top products links to Amazon junk.
But some people do believe because it says it’s product is great it must be.

You can grow fluffy bud and a decent yield with cheap lights. The high is usually good or can be great as well. Just upgrade lights as a budget for it comes available. I started with 2 cheap $80 lights in a 2x4 tent and grew 8oz first grow.


That’s a better way of making a speculative evaluation. There are good and bad knockoffs\generics out there. In most cases these name brands aren’t even designing their own stuff. What they often do is spec it and make cosmetic choices. So there is certainly value to be had if you do your research and the manufacturer is being honest.

A lot marketing Kool-Aid is drunk in this hobby for sure. That tends to make the learning curve steeper and far more costly then it need be.


Thanks for that. I tend if able. To look at all the info. Specs and many reviews good & bad. The light has samsung didoes 804 of them the most I saw for a light this size. I bought it ,it gets here Wed. My girls are suffering and I may have to restart with new beans. New light=New life


Congratulations on your new purchase keep us updated.


The website said they use samsung diodes thats one reason i bought it.


I will with pictuces i had to drop new beanz now Wed the light


864 Didoes not 804 I misqutoed

I almost corrected you but I thought that would be rude

Just kidding, I don’t know Jack about any of this stuff