First Time Grower Any Thoughts Would Hell Thanks

This is my first grow. I have 4 white widow autos going. I am currently at day 30 from germination. I feed them jacks 20-20-20 organic feed once a week. They are on an 18/6 light schedule and I am running a 1200 watt led. Both switches are on


looking good so far. man you will need more light for sure. those blurples never pull what they are rated. it will get you through veg but will produce airy buds when then flower.


So what kind of light would you recommend. It was cheap so I figured for my first grow it would do. But if not I need to get to ordering another one!!!


there are a ton to choose from these days. HGL, Marshydro, spiderfarmer. that space I would get a marshydro ts1000 or bigger. they are white natural light. anything qb style is tons better then thr blurple. 150 to 200 bucks will get a good light for that space.


Hlg will give you the most bang for your buck. And if you use the promo code “dude” you get a discount. And they have amazing customer service.
Welcome to the community by the way.


Your light seems like it’s pretty far away as well. I don’t know what your $ situation is but if it’s like a lot of us you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a light. I and many many others grew under those blurple lights for a long time, I don’t know what you spent on that light but Amazon has a bunch of the newer style quantum board full spectrum guys for around a hundred bucks and with that blurple one next to it you will grow an alright couple plants. Obviously I could have written all that in vain and you are a Dr with an unlimited budget, if that’s the case then the HLG that was mentioned is a great option or there’s literally a thousand others out there. To be honest it is harder to figure out the numbers and pick a led light than it is to grow weed, and I’m not exaggerating even a little bit lol

Welcome to the addiction we call growing pot, have fun and good luck :evergreen_tree::sunglasses:


Definitely need more light. It’s a good item to splurge on. You’ll make it back on the money you save not having to buy weed.


Iwill confirm the blurple and airy bud practice. They work they do give a crop butt thwy r light airy buds. Some u can even see thru they r so airy. I did hiw ever move up to some hlg w60 xls and will lwt u know if there is a significant diff or not in say 8 weeks or so when my cheese finishes under the hlgs


Yea I was a little quick about getting a light. I did some research and obviously money did play a factor but now that I’m actually growing I want the best plants lol ( who doesn’t ) but thank you guys for all the knowledge.


Welcome to the forum! I’m on my first grow im using a mars hydro ts 600. Some say ill need more light but its working awesome so ill finish this first grow to see. Looks like you have it handled! I would finish that grow then see what you need to do. Happy growing!

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I was zsucked into the same hole on amazon. I wrnt a diff route and found all my blurples brand new from ppl who bought and never used them for like half the prices they wanted on amazon tho. I got 900 bucks worth of light a for 250 or 300 tops for all 9 lights i had. Got like 6 still trying to get rid of. Lol.

@Buckeyebuds89 We Are… had to get that out of the way. @dbrn32 is the man when it comes to any and all lighting questions. HLG lights are freaking awesome. I love mine. They’re pricey but the return you’ll get in the long run more than pays for them.


For the record everyone keeps making HLG seem like they’re way more expensive then the other brands and they arent. You can do like I did and start with the hlg 65v2 4000k for veg, and itll flower, and get the 135 rspec for flower later. 2 lights was 277$
That’s pretty good. They do have some crazy expensive lights too, but I dont think you need any that big.

I just have to point out that HLG lights are very nice lights but alot of what you are paying for is the name. Spider Farmer uses the same name brand parts in there lights and just look at the numbers and both have the same warranty. One has 250 more total watts but it’s spread out in twice the footprint and I get a headache just thinking about trying to figure out the actual ppfd so if you want that I don’t have it

Spider Farmer…$1100…900w… 5x10 footprint…2.9 umols/j efficiency
HLG…$1099…630w…5x5 footprint…2.81 umols/j efficiency

I’m sure I’ll be slammed about something for comparing these but it’s obvious that the numbers don’t add up when you look at the prices

You just missed the part that horticulture lighting group provides third party test data to support

Spider farmer hasn’t provided anything to support last i seen.


Looking good welcome to the community!

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