First time grow using auto indoors

Whats going on everyone… After networking and looking into the concept ive decided to give this growing a try… New to it all so im looking to gwt as much feedback as possible as far as the starter kit… i dont want to short change myself ef and have an half a$$ setup… ive looked into the marshydro ts1000 tent kit( no sure if thats a good setup to produce good quality flower) but if you all have a better suggestion and startup tips i would highly appreciate it…

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This is a bigger question than it seems. Your budget will determine what you can grow. What you want to grow well determine what you’re budget should be! Don’t get your lights off Amazon.

I’ve got the 2.3x2.3 MH ts1000 kit. It’s treating me well, but it’s small and this light already has less power than I’d like. I want to upgrade already and I’m only halfway through my second grow.

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Buy a cheaper tent and spend more on the lighting. Good bud comes from good lights. I jave 14 diff lights sitting here because i was hard headed. I got like 1300 in unused lights. Save urself hassel and get a good light from the start.


Hi Mark0427, I’m new and trying to read as much as I can; so your comment about getting a good light, what are your suggestions? I’ve seen many suggestions, just wondering what you like and the price point if you don’t mind. (or a possible price point range? )

I’m still reading about LED… and then someone mentioned can’t go wrong with HLG grow lights, I’m so confused…

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HLG is a brand of led lights

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Highly rated led lights i might add

thank you, I didn’t realize that .

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Thats the size i was looking into… ive seen it in person… thats perfect size for me… As far as budget im open to that for quality…

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As others have said a big % of your budget should go to lighting. Others have mentioned HLG which are great lights that come at a premium. I use Kingbright lights myself and have had great success with them. They are on alibaba. I was super sketched out buying from china but hey are a legit company. They had a new driver to me in days when I said I thought I might be having issues with one. (user error). That being said there are several great lights out there. I would steer clear of amazon lights. Some have great success with the mars hydro though.

Theresa TON of great lighting threads and posts here.

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You’re be better off with an HLG 135 and buying the tent components separately. Wouldn’t cost much more, would definitely be higher quality, and subsequently better buds.

Soory so late. Yes hlg is a brand horticulture lighting group. Awesome lights i just got a new one week ago or so. The scorpion diable and i also have 3x 260 xls. And 4x hlg30uva bars. Great lighting thru them. A bit more pricy but it reflects on the product for sure.

And 2x4 tent for solid buds get a 260xl or a 320. 320 would be better as more loghting but 260xl would be good for sure for 2x4. If u wanna do 2 dont cheap out now or ull kick urself later on. And its hard kicking urself i got a jacked up knee i just had surgery on lol.

The power of HLG lights.

This plant was over 7’6” x 8 feet plus wide. It took a 4x4 tent by herself and she literally grew 2 feet out the tent door. This was about halfway done and is a Photo.

Autos do what they want, when they want. Photos are more forgiving and you can control it all. Autos you don’t control.

Welcome to the community!! Look into Mars hydro, look into spider farmer, HLG, growers choice, California light works. They are all good lights some a lot better quality than others. Few of them offer different types of kits on there websites too. Look into AC infinity tent and fan set up they have top of the line products too. But no matter what you chose you will have fun! Growing is a hobby and you will become hooked! Just have fun ask questions and tag people there are plenty of people here willing to help trust me! You can tag someone by using the @ symbol and then typing someone’s name. Good luck! Happy growing! Stay lifted! :dash::crazy_face::v:

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