My poor plants I’m not sure what to do?!

For some reason my autos keep doing this, it looks almost like it’s dried out! How often should I water them? And do you have any suggestions based on the pics? Thank you

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How often do you water? looks a little over watered,
You should water when pots are dry better to see them wilt from under watering then to over water them… if you watered and they don’t perk back up then it’s more than likely over watering if the pots are dry and the plant is wilted you water it it will be perked back up within an hour or 2 and that’s just fine obviously the extreme goes both ways but they recover from under watering with ease over watering not so much


Get use to how much the pot weighs when you’ve just watered it to run off. You then have an idea of her saturation by weight. Unfortunately like Teffy said over and underwatering have same characteristics. I’d like to tell you about every 3 days but so many factors to consider. My guess though is over…

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Thank you for your email. I wait till it’s dry about three inches down but I may still be overwatering. What do you think I should do? Let them go a few days without water and see if that helps?

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Thank you, I’m open to try anything at this point. I’m about to put down some photos soon. I’m getting a tent next week too

It is very rewarding when you answer your own question. Don’t have so much doubt w yourself you got this it’s just a weed.


Bahahaha thanks so much!

I like what they :point_up_2:t3: said. Also, as @LoCoRock mentioned, and it may be late, but try to feel the weight of the pot when it is wet and when it is dry. This difference allowed me to be more successful with watering; we know that watering is one of the biggest areas of concern for us beginners! Allow the plant to dry up so that when you pick up the pot it feels light.

Let the girls dry up. Also, they will drink more in flowering. It is good to keep in mind that it is not how much water, but really the frequency of the waterings which cause us to have issues.

Continued success.