Woke up this morning and I have this. Week 5 since she popped

She needs a drink

I don’t think it’s a drink because the pot is pretty heavy I did water her a few days ago

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Should try and get that pot off the floor

How often do you water, are you completely saturating the soil?

Have you changed anything recently that may be causing this issue?

So I just pulled two other plants that were done yesterday. And she looked a little under the weather yesterday. It was time to amend soil and water so I got stuff ready to go for today. But nothing has changed in the Rene still rolling with 77 with light on and low of 69. Water 6.8

I water when the soil is dry so maybe 2x a week

Oofa… what light is it under and how close is it? You said temps are ok?

This would be pretty extreme overwatering if that’s what it was and it doesn’t appear that way. It Doesn’t really look like underwatering either especially if you watered recently.

Did it look fine one day and like this the next very suddenly?

Yes. So I have been checking daily. Due to the other 2 I had in that we’re getting ready. Thursday. Absolutely fine. Yesterday after work (3pm or so). Got home washed up and looked and she was a bit limp.

This is what I was waiting on. A blue galaxy and banana kush. Autos on both they are currently in the darkest closet o have


12 weeks. All organic just add water. I amend soil at week 6,10 Gaia green 4-4-4,2-8-4 and worm castings also I do use recharge every other watering.

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Maybe it’s constipated since she hasn’t pooped since week 5.


It could be insufficient air circulation in the pot area.

I had a similar issue with a non-auto plant where the plant was showing signs of being over and under watered at the same time.

I added a fan to the top of the canopy and setup the existing one to circulate air below the canopy and around the fabric pots. The plant bounced back after a few days.

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Few years ago I had a plant where I moved it and the next day it looked like that. I think I might have jostled it too much in transit. It was just a short walk from the backyard to the front but it actually killed the plant. I theorized that it must have got jostled during the walk and cracked the main stem well below the soil line where I could see. Sadly it did not recover.

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Ok I do have a fan. High and low. ( above the light for cooling and low to push the moisture to the exhaust. I hope she does come back seeing I’m waiting on seeds to come. The pots that are in the pic haven’t popped yet and it’s been a week so maybe have the duds :frowning::disappointed:

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Sorry the seeds haven’t popped yet, but glad you can rule out air circulation.

Did you place humidity domes on the seeds? I think you still need them when trying to germinate directly in the pots.

I did a soak, then to the pot. They had a long root looked very healthy after 3 days in water. Went to the pot, had them covered with cling wrap to create the dome effect

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Going to try and give some co2. See what happened. Maybe it will help spring her back :crossed_fingers:

Put a riser or something to get plant off floor. checking numbers from runoff? Let her completely dry out before water.