Woke up this morning and I have this. Week 5 since she popped

@Justifed there seems to be a good deal of wilt in these 2 girls as well. And your certain this is a fresh issue and not something that’s been lingering and recently escalated?


I’m just gonna stay is (chill people :joy:), I feel watering 2x a week is too much for a plant that size, in such a big pot. If it was me I wouldn’t be watering that thing for minimum a week. To each their own I guess :grin:

Yes that is because they are in the closet with no light. I pulled them Out of the tent and put them in total darkness for 48 hours. Then I cut it down and hang dry then jar. They are finished. 13 weeks old.

I would cut the dead leaves off, let it DRY out, then water lightly. Looks like to me it has been over watered for a long time, and has root damage. Need to water lightly, and dry out, repeat. If this is the issue it will come back. Had it happen to me last summer. Good luck.