Can't tell if they are under or over watered

I’m on week four and a half now from seed and everything was going great and I’m not sure if I overwatered or underwatered but I’ve been given about a pint glass a day pH is perfect I just can’t really tell which one it is any advice would be greatly appreciated


Best way to tell when to water is by letting them go completely dry, just have to do it one time so you can then lift the pot and get a feel for hiw light it is.

Then water it till soil is moist and then lift it again. You can then every day lift it, if it is super light then wait till next day.

Is there ever any water that runs out the bottom? A pint every day seems like it may be to much.

At that size i may only water every 3-5 days, but idk how much, i water till all soil is damp and maybe just a little runs out the bottom untill i begin feeding nutrients about 6 weeks in. Then things change to water till a good bit of tun off each time…


Sorry meant to ask what size pots are they in?

Do they spring up hours after watering?


I was crazy about it on the last run and I weighed the pots dry and then wait and wet but my battery died in my scale they feel a little heavy so I’m just going to let them dry out for a day or two and then I’ll try water in it I have had such good luck with the strain and the seeds from this company I have zero complaints… I’ve had a couple growth cycles that have never had an issue like this so it kind of freaked me out

4 gallon with Stonington blend Platinum

A little bit but went right back to the droopiness

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Try adding a little light they love the blue spect in veg stage

That’s so weird you say that I just did that last night on both lights

Do those planters provide for drainage?

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Yeah that’s a ton of holes in the bottom and they’re the same ones I’ve used for the last three or four runs and they’ve always done great maybe I can punch a couple more holes in the bottom I guess

I’d just put them on elevators (if they are setting flat).

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To avoid over-watering, water to runoff, allow to dry until the planters are light, and repeat. Over-watering is only caused by not allowing the medium to dry-cycle.


Yesterday morning I watered them till I got run off I’mma wait two or three days till it’s light again and then I’ll do it again


That’s the right thing to do. Never water every day.

Unless in coco lol

@Mrjrcash Did you just recently transplant?

No I never do with all those I go straight in the pot they are going to stay with they were just overwatered I’d let him sit a couple days with nothing and then water them and they’re beautiful now I water every 2 to 3 days just when the pot is light