My GSC Extreme Auto Grow!

Dropped these bad boys in some water today. Gonna wait for the tail and plant them in their final resting place out in the garden. Stay tuned!


Best wishes md. Tagging along and set to watch.

GSC autos germinated in only 2 days w paper towel method and a heat mat! It may have taken longer than expected for the seeds to arrive but the quality of the seeds is undoubtedly the best in the game! Got the ones that had roots showing in some heat-sterilized soilless potting mix in some inserts. I know you’re not supposed to transplant autos but I’m a skilled transplanter with other plants and my garden is not quite ready yet, so I’ll just have to deal with the risk. Hopefully shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Spritzed the already moist soil and put the inserts on the heat mat as well as the last seed that isn’t quite ready to go into the inserts. Put a black tray over top of the inserts to retain moisture. Excited for these babies!

Lots of ppl (including me) transplant their autos as it’s easier to control their environment for a healthy start to life. Some strains are more sensitive than others but usually when there is an issue there is a secondary factor causing shock or stress to the plant.

Congrats :champagne: :confetti_ball: On your new arrival. ILGM is a quality act. :+1::+1:

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That’s reassuring. Thinking I might try to squeeze in another batch of autos but don’t quite know if I have enough time in the season because I expect the seeds will take 15-20 days to arrive.

2 of these ladies already popped! Got them under a bright white spectrum grow light that I use for all my vegetables. I’m just keeping them here till this weekend when I’ll probably stick them outside. The others are being a little slower but I’m not worried. Got these guys potted up next to some lavender and thyme to keep these couple gnats away that I’ve been seeing around.

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All of them seem to be looking well! One took a little longer to germinate and is thus far a little slower to grow than the others. Could be genetics, not sure. But I’m sure it will turn out fine. Ran into an infestation of aphids and I think mites that were tearing up my herbs and contaminated the GSC’s. But I just quarantined the herb plants and manually crushed all the critters and I haven’t seen any more on the autos and they seem to be doing well. One question- can cannabis tolerate stem-burrying for support? Or is it not worth the risk of rot when I transplant them into the garden eventually.

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Looking good MD. All systems go . . . .

Yes but with caution not to over do it and be careful not to overwater. Light misting is best and if they’re asking for more try to water around the edges of the container. Your roots will reach out to the water and provide some stability for the plant. Also if adding soil be careful not to pack down much. You can easily make a small stake out of twigs for support if needed. After your seedling grows a little, a small breeze will help stiffen the stalk. I use a 6" oscillating fan at a distance for seedlings.

Little update: here are some of the plants:

Got a couple questions:

  1. I dug the holes I will eventually be putting the plants in maybe about a week or a week and some change ago I can’t quite remember. I added soil acidifier. How long should I wait to pop the plants into their final homes?
  2. Unfortunately work has been eating up a lot of my time and I’ve not had time to manage the plants a whole lot. So one fell over, and as you can see in the image its stem is now bent as it tried to still grow towards the light. I can tie it up and try to reposition it but I was wondering (as it’s still quite young) if I can just put it back upright and it will return to normal.
  3. The medium I’m growing in now is jiffy starting mix which is mostly soilless but has some nutrients in the form of sphagmum moss. Given the stage the plants are in now, would it be right to start feeding them now/soon?

Also I didn’t realize how bad that second pic is but I meant to capture one of the plants which is y’all as the others but doesn’t have as much foliar growth (a significant amount less) but seems healthy otherwise. Is this just genetics / phenotype or is something wrong because all the plants have gotten the same treatment.

Looks like your doing well and on your way. I’m in my second year growing outdoors in a greenhouse so probably not your best source of info. If your having issues, we can tag in some help or you can initiate an ILGM support ticket. Meanwhile here is my take on your questions:

  1. It depends on the size of pot and environment. I typically like to wait until the plants are a little stronger and developed before transplanting to their final home. Usually up to 30 days. If you see roots starting to appear in the bottom holes of your container, it’s time.

  2. Your plant should be fine without any help. It will naturally grow towards the light and straighten up. If it needs a little help, you can stake it but be very gentle with it.

  3. Your seedlings won’t require much in the way of nutrients yet and your starting mix should have everything they need. If there not asking (or showing nitrogen deficiencies), I’d let them be.

Hey @MDGrower, just checking in. How are your Autos doing? Have you transplanted yet?

I ran into some issues with one of them. The entire plant was drooping but now it’s fine. However, the one plant has some of its older foliage turning brown and crispy while the newer leaves are fine. The other plants seem to be doing fine but their lower leaves turned a light green and I thought it might be nutrient deficiency as I didn’t notice any pests visibly. So I fed them a small dose of food and they seem to be doing well. I will be transplanting probably this Sunday.

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Was busy with work so I didn’t transplant till today but their root systems weren’t really super developed so it should be fine. They seemed to respond well to the feed I gave them the other day. It seemed to be what they needed. My question of the day: I think it’s closing in on week 4 soon; when should I begin LST? I’m scared to snap the stems

I would definitely give them plenty of time to recover from transplanting before doing anything.

The thing with autos is they don’t get much recovery time from stress because they flower so quickly. Since your growing outdoors you might consider no LST because lighting isn’t an issue but if you want to, I would at least wait a few weeks. At that age they will be pretty pliable and if your gental they won’t snap. If you feel resistance then just back off a little.

I’m growing outdoors in a green house :house_with_garden:. I have both topped and LST and my current grow has a couple GG Autos (cause I wanted something to harvest before my photos come in). I left the GG’s alone and didn’t HST (top or fim) or LST and just let them grow in their living organic soil. Point is they are doing very well in week 4 of flower and showing much higher yield than pervious auto grows where I have LST. Still can’t post pictures (darn).

These guys are about 7-9 inches tall and seem to be in preflower. Normal? Bad sign?

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Wouldn’t call it normal. I had a couple WWautos do the same thing last year. Started flowering early, looked healthy but didn’t get over 12" tall (and that was the tall one). I let them finish budding to harvest. Turned out to be some dam (and I mean dam) good smoke.

Pretty plant!!
I think you found out why some ppl say they stay away from Autos. It’s likely some type of stress stunted the growth and it could be just about anything from :face_with_thermometer: temperature, :sweat_drops: water, :seedling: nutrients, even disturbing the roots (by moving plants around), etc. Myself, I would definitely let them grow. It will be fun and as always help continue learning. Oh, and . . . . You may get some awsome smoke out of it.

There’s still plenty of time to drop more auto seeds, that’s what makes them Autos and special.

Yea I’ll definitely be looking into photos next year it’s just hard because the growing season is kinda weird here and very temperate. So autos are honestly the best option but yea I got some GG 4s on the way and some Bruce banners plus I found some seeds in some lemon skunk pack I had so I’m germinating those to see if they even pop lmao.

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Plants looking great! Unfortunate that they’re so short but these mini buds look so pretty​:grin::grin:

Looking good for sure. I have a WWA that stunted also. Looks like one ten inch bud sticking out of the pot. Meanwhile the Gorilla Glue :gorilla: Autos are in week 5 of flower and doing well and all the Jack Herer photos are starting to preflower right on time. Still can’t post pictures.