Pros help - are my Autos too small?

Will cut to the chase - Second grow, still very much a “nube” week 6 autoflower grow:

  • Week 6 from germination, started flowering 2-3 weeks ago.
  • Media mixture: 3 gallon pots straight from germination, “Kind soil” on bottom 1/3rd, mixture of FF-Ocean Forest and Coco Loco + some added worm casting
  • Most waters are regular tap (PH 5.5-6.0), every once in a while started adding some nutes, not too many due to the soil, stopped when I started seeing some burning on the leaves.
  • Light is 20/4, power seems sufficient, apx 20” from top
  • Temp stays 78-83 Fahrenheit
  • Humidity around 50

Are my babies too small? One hardly started flowering the other 3 have much more. Any recommendations?

Sorry, had problems with picture uploads.

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Your pH should be a little higher. 6.2-6.8. the nutes will drop the pH most of the time, so you need to get it in that range after adding them. Regular watering need that range as well.

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Thanx - will adjust the PH. :+1:t3:

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Hey I’m almost in the same boat as you, total newbie tho first grow I have 3 autos GSCX from ILGMA 5 weeks old and small. Yours guys are much bigger, same kind of soil set OF,and Cocco Locco too. Going to be watching ur thread closely. Good luck

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If they just started showing pistils they will probably stretch over the next cpl weeks.

A lot of autos are compact plants. Trade off speed for size. …but I have seen some huge autos.

Could be genetics. Just a compact plant. :man_shrugging:

Only tips I have outside temp, humidity, and airflow:

  1. water when pot is lite. Overwater can slow things down. FFOF will hold water but your coir should loosen it up for drainage :+1:

  2. use Cal Mag + in dechlorinated water then adjust pH. Cal, Mag, and Iron help growth. Proper pH helps the plant uptake nutrients.

  3. use microbes and bacteria. (I like Recharge and Mammoth P but there are others). They create symbiosis with the roots to help nutrient uptake.


Great advise - thanks.

#2 - I have been feeding CagMag every second feed, will change the water to distilled or spring instead of tap to avoid any chlorine - I checked with my city and even though very low levels, the tap still has some chlorine.
#3 - was going to use Real Grower Recharge but thought it would be too much with the Kind Soil. Will order a bag! :+1:t3:

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Recharge is good stuff. When I use it do it with feeds say u water half gallon per plant save 8oz of that mix and add the recharge to that and finish the water with the last 8oz. No need to adjust pH after u add the recharge. Recharge tribus and fish shit do not need to be phd after adding as the pH up and down kill off some of the beneficials. try and keep ur pH at 6.5 to 6.8 ffof is a warm soil so should not need to add nutes til the 4th week at least buy mixing with cocoloco might dim that down some as coco don’t have any in it. Next time run ffof by itself no cocoloco mixed and I believe u will have a better outcome if u have the time to do waters I’d say switch over to canna coco bricks and jacks 321 any issues are super easy to fix and get back on track with coco but it requires a bit more watering than soil as coco needs watered daily especially when they r bigger but growth rate is remarkable


Chlorine can be removed from tap water by simply letting it sit a cpl days to dissipate the gas. I have chlorine test strips that show me zero chlorine after two days.


Cool - thanks…

Already planing my next grow and will replace the Coco Loco - I wasn’t sure of the mix when I originally did although and I had the Kind Soil on bottom, I figured to try anyway.

I use a 5 gallon bucket, a picture of water to measure how much I put in, with an air stone, run for 24-48 hrs then I ph to water that right ? If need to add anything u add before u ph right? What about a compost tea, do u ph water before after or none ?

Rough to find a sweet spot for PH when you mix 2 different medium types. Soil and coco. Coco is 5.5-6.1 soil 6.5-6.9. You’re about 1.5 weeks in on flowering and most like will start noticing the stretch over the next couple of weeks and will double in size. @Kingkupa hope this helps you both a little :love_you_gesture:

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Oh man. Your autos put my auto to shame.

Week 5.5 from germination:

Yours look great in comparison!

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Yours looks like its flowering too early, didnt grow enough during veg, maybe due to lighting? I am no expert, hopefully someone here can help! Good luck!

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Haha, I actually had a serious case of root rot and in attempting to treat it, the roots just about ate themselves so I emergency transplanted to soil. It’s absolutely caught in flower with about 10% of a healthy root structure. It’s alive and kicking so I’m figuring it’ll produce something :laughing: I’m chill with it being a good example of what not to do.

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Quick update - Week 7 from germination - week 3-4 from flowering - added “recharge” 4 days ago - starting to fill out - lowered humidity to 30-40% levels and maintaining temp above 80 degrees F. They pretty much stoped growing horizontally although filling out. 1 of the 3 is hardly flowering, looks like a dud but will keep it going. Will update next week again.

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Hey man I’m about a week behind u, mine are GSCX autos.Tomorrow would be 6 weeks from sprout. I’m New and goofed and has some root lock out or ? Gave good flush with plain ph water, came back we a micro brew, pics from last night Your girls look much taller mine, mine r really fat and bushy. Also might be my fault BLASTED with way to much light earlier nigh have around vertical growth
I can’t wait to start seeing my flowers turn to buds like ur


Looking good man - mine started developing quickly after week 5-6 - yours are filing in nicely. :+1:t3:

Seems just like mine, you have one plant that’s flowering later that the others. Weird.

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Eli, thanks a lot first grow and when u look at others pics, start seconding guessing everything you’ve done like ahh. Thanks again good luck


@Kingkupa @Eli your ladies are looking nice and healthy. You both have some stretch left, KingKula has a little longer on the stretch being a week behind. Eli, sit back a watch how they will start to fatten up over the next several weeks :love_you_gesture:

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