First NOVA Grow, ILGM Autoflower Supermix

Good morning fellow enthusiasts, just starting a thread to track progress and share knowledge.

Started indoors May 5th (happy Cinco de Mayo), indoors in promix and dr earth (reg 444 and tomato veg). Did not have proper lights so stretched, and a little gnatty. I updated the lights , and got the yellow bug sticky traps, and recovery was underway. The GG and GSC little seedlings were not ready to go outside (3rd set of leaves) for over a month, so I learned right away these genetics are tracking to a different schedule for me. The BB line has not worked well for me, 3 seeds were non starters, and 2 never did get a real set of leaves. The picture below of the cotelyden leaves in the red solocup is the 2nd of 2 BB seedlings to germinate, it’s a month old at this point, both of tye germinated seeds that germinated were like this.

For the Gg and Gsc we are now at 9 weeks, and appear to be getting into flower :blossom:. The plants are about 3 ft tall, in grow bags (pretty trouble proof), and recently switched to top dressing with Dr earth bud and bloom. I will note that in mid June there was some minor nitro and mag deficiency, and I supplemented with Jack’s 20, 20,20, plus pulverized eggshells, plus Epsom salts. The girls responded well right away and have gone back to regular top dressing.

You may notice the one plant is in a 7 gallon bag, as opposed to 3 gallon bag for the other 2. While not root bound, all three have consumed all usable space in the 3 gallon bags - the would not hold enough water forc24 hours. So I’ve now learned these genetics in my location are going to be larger than average as well. Since these girls seem to be on a 12 week schedule :date:, I transplanted one into the 7 gallon bag to see about shock, and it’s seems right now she immediately loved the additional moisture the larger bag holds. If things hold up, I’ll be moving the other two shortly.

I guess that’s what I had to share right now. Thanks to the Commonwealth of VA for the legalization move and allowing us to pursue this interest responsibility!

Comments and questions welcome,

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Pics too!


You can forego the shock by planting the older pot into or onto the new pot. I love fabric pots.

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Interesting suggestion! Does this technique impact the size of roots (growing through the fabric)? Are the smaller bags still reusable after harvest?

Thank you!

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The Super Skunk in the second picture grew roots down into the 10 gallon below it. Although it was only on that pot for two months, there were oodles of roots growing out of the bottom of the 7 gallon. I’m glad I did it. The roots were of varying sizes and some were about as big as a pencil lead (maybe a little bigger).

I’m just experimenting with things I know will work and I’m using this technique on my outdoor grows because we don’t have soil here. It’s not even sand. It’s dust that blew South out of Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.


Ok, about 2 weeks further on, here’s a pic.

The GG autos are on the left, and growing dense and robust branches and leaves. I have transplanted into 7 gal fabric pots filled with promix and dr earth bloom,with a little veg mixed in. There were a couple yellowing leaves on the lower plant following transplant, and I gave them each two additional tablespoons dr earth veg for nitro, and diluted Epsom salts and Jack’s 20.20.20 for more immediate support.

Other than that the transplant appeared seemless with no slowing of growth. I did the transplant to save on premix, but would probably do bag in a bag next time so there’s more volume for the roots to grow.

these plants are getting pretty large compared to typical auto pics I’ve seen on line. These look like they would like 25 gal bags by the time they are done. Next time I will also mix the promix and dr earth at least a month ahead to give it a chance to cook :fire:.

I would say the GG are into flowering, but have a long way to go (let’s call this week 2).

The GSC Auto is on the right, and appears to still be in veg, to preflower stage. For reference, these girls are getting about 6 hours direct sun, from about 12noon till 630 or so, with high shade/ bright indirect light before and after.

Here’s a couple pics.of GSC auto from ILGM, AT 10 weeks.

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Thoughts and suggestions are welcome!

Just a quick update, because I have never seen the flower cycle before and wanted to capture a few thoughts. In the last months the girls have 'stretched, that is added 4 to 6 inches of growth, with flower bud sites at the top of each branch, and at intervals along the stretched part of each branch.

The two GG remain very dense, especially at the tops. Since they seem to continue to behave like photo period plants in terms of overall duration, and size I’ve been training them through a combination of lst and hst. Nothing seems to have phased them.

The GSC Auto is in the back, and similarly robust, but more open branching and leaf structure, so I have not trained her too much.

I have top dressed with Dr earth flower :blossom: girl at a rate of 1/3 cup twice in the past 3 weeks, for 7 gallon fabric pots. Each plant is showing some yellow leaves at the bottom, not sure if it’s nitro deficiency or life cycle :thinking:. My best guess is they have 6 weeks or so to finish, so I’m hesitating to add more nitro than is in the flower girl. I am going to continue bumping them with the flower girl and Epsom salt till they bulk up and look like they are getting ready to finish.

Thoughts and experiences welcome!

GG in front, GSC in back. The GG on the left has been moderately defoliated and lower branches trimmed. Goes against AF dogma, but these girls seem to have their own programming, and respond well to most inputs. The GG on the right has been branch tied out to create a more open structure, and she continues to fill in every open space nicely :grinning:. I did very minor defoliation on her.

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Top view of GG on left, defoliation makes the flower :blossom:tops more visible, I’m hoping the extra light helps keep the a little drier , and maybe bulks them up a little.

here’s a pic of stretched stem below the top :blossom:.

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looking good!

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So, another first in my hobby grow, frost is growing on the bud :leaves:!!! Hell Yeah!!!

Just noticed this today.

Any guesses how long till harvest?

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a solid month. keep on keeping on. looks good.

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I’ve been using organic dry amendments, currently for flowering, 3,9,4, about once a week for the past month.

All three plants have yellowing leaves on the lower 1/3 of the plant. I have bumped them with Jack’s 20,20,20, in the past and it seems to have stabilized what appears as nitrogen deficiency.

Should I supplement with nitrogen at this point?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts

i would cut the nitrogen and add some P and K boost. yellowing of the lower leaves is natural at this point. nutrients are stored in the leaves and at the end of the plants life cycle, it will use all
available nutrients. at this point, nitrogen will only make your buds taste nasty. give it some bloom (pk) boost for two weeks, then if your pistils are 50/50 orange and white, stop the nutes, and give two weeks of water only before harvest

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Sounds like a good plan, thank you!

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