Are they looking okay?

Can anyone tell me if these look healthy now I have changed substrate and started over lol

The biggest one is in second week


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Thanks buddy

Anyone tell if these look okay? Smallest one is cosmic bomb, second one tied to hollow pen is cream mandarine and the bigger one is glue gelato which is in 2nd week now, smaller two are almost end of week one. All autos in compost with 1000 true watts led. Not happy with how some of the tips have curled up a tiny bit


Ladies look good! Few questions

What kind of soul did you amend the compost into?

How often are u watering?

The curl down could be two things off the top of my head. (Well 3 but the third option is maybe it was just before lights on or after lights off, they posture themselves for bedtime around those times)

Option 1: the compost is a tad Nitrogen high and they are showing it by clawing down. Not horrible because they need high N in Veg and will eat that stuff up.

Option 2: possibly slight over watering. Overwatering gives them the droops with straight stems. Underwater wilts stems and all (not ur issue)

Also i see in a few pics, some of the leaf edges curl up. Not horribly but something to watch for. Thats normally environmentally related. Too much light intensity/heat/humidity. Maybe back off the light a tad or add a fan indirectly to circulate the air and cool her off a bit.

Overall dont panic tho. Those girls look great!

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Thanks buddy I was thinking high humidity, I have them all in a big walk in kitchen cupboard with a heater fan on the cool air conditioning setting :laughing: it’s at 44% humidity which I think is quite high if I’m correct, and with the door closed the humidity rises

Oh and I’m also watering about once a week, maybe a glass full, the bigger one I gave her a very very small amount of nutes for the first time with her water last week, and a light water today with it’s water, the others are strictly once a week at the moment but I’m thinking I may starve them a little longer see how they go

Nope. 44 in veg is actually on the low side. My grow area never really goes below 60% (i live on the coast in the south, its 80%+ by 8 AM outside)

Once a week sounds like me. N my gals love it. Feast n Famine. As they get bigger root systems, the frequency will increase but ur fine for now.

What kind of soil did u add the compost too?

And as long as those coty’s are on (bottom round baby leaves) they dont really need feed. Plus u amended compost into the soil? Id skip feeding for a couple more weeks atm

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Just straight compost buddy, with a little bit of coco in there mixed in with it, was planning on going 100% organic but I’ve heard some strains need nutes and some don’t, loads people say different stuff to be fair lol, so you think I should raise the humidity then?

Any time you build your own soil (which is what you did) it needs to be checked for native PH. If it’s off you can amend to adjust but when the plants are in it this becomes much more difficult. You should have a good digital PH and TDS meter along with cal and storage solutions. It would be very smart to learn what your soil PH is now before they get too large to deal with.

Unless one has a lot of experience with cannabis and scientific soil-building, I would never suggest a newer grower do this. It always leads to problems.


MyFriend is the MAN! Yea 100% compost is a bit on the strong side. U should find that pH and ppm quickly to see how far out of wack u maybe. A digital meter (or two) would be an invaluable tool in ur pot growing arsenal.

On the organics. Ive been pretty much organic for two years. This run will be my first 100% run. Its not insanely complicated but something i wouldnt really push onto new growers. I still add supplements to feeds, but nonchemical. I use fish emulsions, and natural ingredients.

Still to feed properly ur gonna need that pH meter. Dont cheap out there neither. I got the $30-40 Apera and its paid for itself 10x over. The tds/ppm meter is more forgiving so $8 is fine there.


I think it’s naturally low in PH the compost I used there is no added ingredients in it no nutrients anything like that, I’m still waiting on my digital PH reader to arrive but I think it’s for water will that do the soil too? I flushed the compost of pure bottled water aswell 48 hours before potting the sprouts

Compost is the nutrient. Its loaded in microorganisms and nitrogen (normally) that slowly releases to the roots.

Now that flush could have made it enert but u wont know without that tds meter.

With the water meter (sooo much better then the soil ones) u just catch ur runoff after watering or before feeding, and test that.


What do you guys suggest to do right now to solve any issues? They seem to be growing fine at the moment and doing everything they should it’s just the slight sagging and light curling up of the edges that’s bothered me, and it’s only recently happened over the last few days

Okay mate thank you

They are fine. Dont overcompensate on changes for little things.

The droop maybe a bit N heavy (cant tell without the meters)

The curl up? Possibly lighting/Heat. Raise ur light a few inches and ur good. How close is it?


Purp knows weed so do listen to him.

Let em ride until meters come in; do a runoff or slurry test (look it up here) and post results and tag us? A slurry test is best to determine native PH. Runoff will be both PH and TDS.


Thanks guys as soon as the metre comes I’ll do the tests and show you guys what the outcomes are, the light is pretty much bang on a foot (12 inches) from the top of the tallest plant, and the temp in the grow cupboard is 27c