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Hi every one I didn’t start this journal from the very beginning but it’s been about 3 weeks since I put my 2 girls in the soil. They seem a little small to me but I was told that there small because there still trying to form they’re root structure. I’ll post pics later today. Happy grow everyone.



Looking good! Maybe a picture from side way.

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Yeah I’ll post them later I’m at work now I had the first 2 pics in my phone already.

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Babies look good. You’ll be amazed how quickly they’ll grpw

Looking good tell us about them what are using and how.

They are White Widow Skunk. I have them in a 3x3 tent under a 700w viparspectra dimmable light. With a 42" tower fan on there blowing around. Also have a 6 inch vivosun inline fan and a vivosun carbon filter and another 6 inch inline booster fan for air intake. Was thinking of switching the 2 fans around for better ventilation because it gets some what hot in there during the day rhe higgest its been is 88° but it’s usually around 80°- 83° the humidity is around 60% - 65%. I have my girls in 5 gallon smart pots and using FFOF as soil. Haven’t added any nutrients yet but I have the fox farm trio. I also have the ph up and down as well as a ph and ppm meter…thats about it so far.

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Looking great!!

@GROWNEWBIE are you using LEDs?

@Whitewidownoobie Yeah I’m using a 700w viparspectra dimmable light

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@GROWNEWBIE what made you want to use leds

@Whitewidownoobie I heard that they were cheaper on electricity

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@GROWNEWBIE haven’t you heard you’ll get less of a yield?

@Whitewidownoobie no i haven’t heard that.

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@GROWNEWBIE I’ll probably buy LEDS then

I’ve seen some pretty nice yields from LED. This is my first grow so I’m not 100% sure what better to use as far as lights.


Here are my babies 15 days in soil. I was looking at them today and I noticed on the bigger one of the two there was a little brown/ yellow mark on one of the leaves what could this be? Plus i switched my inline fans around to try and help cool it off in there today it reached 88° in the tent. So now there is positive air pressure in the tent is that good or bad? Not really worried about the smell later on bit other then that is it ok to have positive air pressure? As far as the brown/yellow mark I’m thinking it is burn from the light. So I raised the light a little. @GetbackJoJo @M4ur @McLovin777 @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31


It depends on what kind of soil you started out with if you’re using Foxfarm ocean forest it is a little bit hot in it tends to do that as far as your light goes you picked a great light to start with In the planter absolutely beautiful keep up the good work do you have carbon filter by chance because a lot of us run with inline in air and carbon filter out for smell ?

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