White widow fem grow journal

Alrighty so I finally got my tent (bigger than I expected :roll_eyes:) I’m going to attempt to do a grow journal!!! I’m growing white widow fem, three gallon pots 1 ten gallon pot(I was a little under the influence that night).when I got the 10gal my lovely lady couldn’t wait to get a transplant so I had to just go with the 10gal before she completely died… but I transplanted the other 4 tonight in the 3gal pots… Soil FFOF.no nutes yet pots are four weeks young & mykos extreme gardening to avoid to much shock during transplant .waiting on my apera meter to come in.hopefully I have a good grow.the ppl that I tag have either gave me some great advice before,I’ve read several of your topics and trust your judgment.i’ll attempt to upload updates every Sunday since that the day I basically do everything to keep track. My 10gal is a bit yellow at the top but hoping to nurse everybody back to full health.

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Very nice your plants are going to take off you will see a huge difference in a couple weeks. Good luck

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Nothing quite says merry Christmas like a grow tent under the tree :heart_eyes:


Ok now that your all set up, give each of those girls a 1/4 of that space to Bush out into. They will grow fast in there

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How many and what brand of lights do you plan you plan on using in that monster tent

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@HornHead I was looking at some new lights last night I’m really not sure to be honest.i did see this one I like the Lenofocus LED Grow Light 672LED Full Spectrum on amazon. @PharmerBob lol it’s the season & My dog was excited to get his cage back I totally took over :joy:

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What’s your area 6x4?

Your going to want sq ft x 30-40 watts a sqft

I’m in a 4’x8’ tent what light set up are you using?

Off to a good start, if you give them enough light they will easily fill that tent from front to back and side to side.

I grow all of my plants in 10 gallon fabric pots.
Happy growing!

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Light is like my main focus right now I know that plays a Huge part alongside ph. I want them to be perfect lol :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grin:

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I run 6 hlg 260 and 3 burple 1500 watt (250 true watts)

So in that 4x8 your gonna need 4 260 and maybe 2 burpees to fill red spectrum during flower. I found king led on amazon

@PharmerBob I’m going to check it out now…I really didn’t expect to order a whole dressing room type tent of amazon lol. Is that the exact name?

Horticulture lighting group 260

King led 1500 I think don’t quote

@PharmerBob lol point taken I won’t but I will search til I find something close to it