1st Grow (Experimental) would love feedback!

Experimental grow (found a seed in my buddy’s med grade)
Not sure if its fem or not but just purchased some white widow seeds from this site and will grow next. Not overly concerned with this plant budding or not. I just want to learn use this first grow experience as a stepping stone to successful grows. Would love as much constructive criticism as possible!!

Grow journal update 6/22/2020

Lights: Vivosun 600w 18/6
Grow area: about 3x3x6 closet
Average temp 77/humidity fluctuates from 30%-50 (use humidifier when it drops)

Currently in 3 gallon pot (circulation not great)

Topped it at 4th node

About 42 days old

Has only been receiving adequate light for about 10 days. Had 125 waat LED prior (waited to long to get light

Gave it a heavy water on Thursday as i thought it looked alittle thirsty. Took almost 4 days to dry

Lightly rewatered 6/21 concerned about colors of leaves.

Originally used distilled water but switched to tap water about 2 weeks ago with fox farm gro mixed in

PH of water about 6 (been a struggle)

Ventilation: Poor. All i have is a circulation fan. No exhaust

CO2: no

Looking to get a tent for future grows. Again just trying to learn the ropes. Not much of a clue what I’m doing but am very interested in learning!
Any tips or advice would be great!

Was thinking about transplanting to a 5 gallon pot in a few days and vegging for another few weeks? Thoughts? Posted a few pics of the discolored leaves



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Over watered?
Root bound?

Grow Big ? it is a pretty heavy hitter and depends on soil. May have nuked it a bit


Yes grow big.
Prior to soaking it Thursday i felt like i wasn’t watering it enough. But the soil stayed moist for 3 days so I’m guessing so.

Yes i learned i probably shouldn’t be using that yet

Yeah looks like nitro over load, I’d transplant up and give it water (ph adjusted) only for a while.


Did you take the pics early in the morning or is it always droopy.

Give her a few days to recover then transplant to larger cloth bag if you can get one. Catch tray with screen to support the pot so if any run off the pot isn’t sitting in it. Stay lit! I agree with @Hellraiser @beardless what they said.


Hellraiser has you covered!


Recently started to droop

I would strip plant bare, check drainage by watering it about 10L then i would urinate in the soil(uric acid)


Looks a little overwatered but plant has great potential


Potting up is my “go to” solution!


I would suggest you make a 5 gal wicking bucket & eliminate any over watering problems…

And you can add nutrients to the 1.5 gallon water reservoir that is always there for the plant when it needs it…This is a 34 day old White Widow Autoflower…


Looks like you have your lights on full bloom…need to be on full spectrum…If possible…

These are my indoor lights on full spectrum…

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My light just says “veg” or “flower”

You can’t turn both switches on?

Actually…I had it on bloom instead of veg…


Man alive! Seems like advice just pouring in! Peeing in the soil, wicking pots to OMG! Im confused just reading this thread. I might just go pee on my plants right now!


How about you @Hellraiser ? What say we drink 10 liters of beer and go pee on our soil? I think my ladies might like that kinda thing? :laughing: :rofl: :joy: