My Gorilla Girls Are Dying and so am I Help!

Hi All
I use Cannabis for PTSD and other medical ailments and my Girls are really depressing me every time I look at them which is often.
Have three Girls in potting Mix soil Ph is 6 and I am at a loss.

They are about six weeks old and they should be booming.
The larger one was booming then leaves started yellowing and the other two,well look at them.
I have foliar fed them with batshit which they should not need at this stage but it has not helped.
Help! :cry:

I usually only grow in coco or use a small amount of soil as a mix so I’m not %100. But from my experience watering is not very forgiving in soil. If you water too little or too much your plants will burn or develop deficiencies.

Other wise from my experience lots of heat or too much light can also burn the leaves like that. But from what I see your outside so that shouldn’t be the issue. I’m not an expert and you may find better advice but that’s what I’ve experienced.

I would wait for a more experienced response because I’m still fairly new but the first thing I would do is cut the dead leaves.

Two of the the pot have 30%coco coir and perlite and one of the pots is straight potting mix. :fearful:

Hi Ash,

it most slightly caused by nutrient lockup. Might be due wrong pH or as Mlgrower mentioned watering problems.

I can see a pieces of styrofoam in one of the pot. I hope it is not used in substrate instead of perlite. :slight_smile:
For the solution I would ask you for couple of info:

  1. what strain are these plants ?
  2. is the pH of your watering solution in range of 5,5 - 6,5 ?
  3. do you use any nutriens? if yes, which one on what dosing ?
  4. how often do you watering and in aprox what amount ?

I would doublecheck the pH values of soil and watering solution and if something wrong, than replant into new clean soil / coco fiber substrate and flush it a bit with proper pH clean water.

But let us know the info from questions i asked for.


Hi Onrej
Thanks for reply
The styrofoam is just a piece of scrap from insulating roof.
Answers to your questions

  1. Gorilla Glue of water is 6.2
    3.Bat Guano (batshit) have only done with foliar spray as I thought being seedlings they would not need yet.
    4.Was watering twice weekly with approx 750ml per pot.
    Have not watered for over a week now thinking I may have been over watering.
    Ph of soil is 6.2 and have re potted largest plant into straight potting mix.
    The other two are in potting mix coco and perlite.

Welcome to the forum @Ash. You will love it here. Don’t stress as we can get you sorted. A lot of experience here and a lot of decent people willing to share it :sunglasses:.
As for your babies your PH is too low you need to get it up to around 6.5 - 6.8 for soil. That’s your first problem as the low PH will cause some nutrients to become immobile and your plant can’t use them. Are you feeding them? A lot of new growers will feed thinking they’re doing a good thing and its the opposite, there’s enough in the soil to do your babies for a while. How much water are you giving them as well, they don’t need a lot at this stage. Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda will lift your PH to where it needs to be. Around 1/3 of a teaspoon to a gallon of water will give you an idea of how much to use. I meant to add if you need to attract someone’s attention put @in front of their user name like @ash and they will pop by for a chat

Hi Davyg
Ph 6.5-6.8 oh,OK I will do what you said with the bicarbonate.
Will get some tomorrow.
I have not been feeding them as they are babies.
I only foliar fed them with spray bottle with bat guano when they started to look sick.
Was giving them too much water I think -1.5litres a week :crossed_fingers:


No worries, just remember to put @ in front of a user name @Ash and that will flag up that you want a response. Those ph values are for soil. If you’re in coco they will be lower :sunglasses:

Hi Ash, the overwatering will be also case, well make the dry nicely before you water them again. Than make sure you using proper pH of the solution.
If the symptoms persist, than replanting to proper substrate with good flush after might be the solution.

Note: If you are using organic nutrients, then everytime use all the mixed solution - do not use one which standing in the bucket already mixed for more than a day as the pH will rapidly jump down due to decay processes.

But i hope and looking forward these little ones will do well.

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Hi @Davyg
I mixed a quarter of what you said with 1.25 liters of water and give 400ml to each plant .
Is that OK?

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Sounds good, I’ve never harmed any of my plants with bicarbonate of soda so you should be good. You should see a result soon if PH is the problem :sunglasses: