Gorilla glue sick please help

Gorilla glue Autoflower
Ocean forest soil
Ppm 1400
Ppm run off 1100
Mars hydro tsl 2000
Using all fox farm nutrients

My leaves are yellowing all over and turning brown with purple leave stems I’m watering at 6.5 ph with RO water the other day I had a emergency and went out of town for 3 days and when I cam back it needed water cause the leaves were wilted that is when this happened

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Shes just getting close to finish and dosent have 100% of it wants and its consuming fan leaves tword end of flower

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Might be a mild potassium def and a lil magnesium deficiency magnesium makes leaf tips curl upward


If I remeber correctly ig your feeding per fox farm scheduel there ppms are much higher then 1400amd odd your runoff is lower then you in ppm… I dont check runoff cuz it’s a problem solver number but everything else seems right. Ffof 6.5 …what fix farm nutes are you useing… just the trio?

I’m using the trio with there other products following this schedule

I have all of these nutrients im using

With calmag

And your aT what about week6?

Went through similar in week 7. Decided potassium def so feed them bit more and they came back in couple days. Poor girls were hungry. All the best.

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Yes week 6… thanks guys I think I found the problem my soil ph was at 5.43 so I upped it to 6.5 now just have to see what that does

@Taytay82 Don’t get carried away!

There is nothing you can do to recover the leaves. Early in the grow if the leaves wilt they can easily recover. As you approach the end the plant is concentrating on bud growth and there is no energy left to recover the leaves. The effected leaves will most likely all die but just concentrate on the buds and you will do ok. Not the best situation but not the worst either.

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2 questions …when you say you tested your soil… did you do a slurry test… because soil ph probes unless its several hundred bucks … dont even bother relying on them… best well only sure fire way to test soil is a company called rapidtest
Take a pinch of soil equal amount of distilled water (very impietant) crack a capsule let the color fall out and react match color to chart to get soil ph… chemicals cant lie if your clean and dont cross contsminste…

And this is my go to ph method now… when using same nutes for a while you get pretty accustomed to same routine… checking with a digital ph pen for tds and ph down to the hundredth decimal point isnt necessary after you get used to it… really only time you need to check is when doing silica days or you have well water and well water eith your nutes will react the same way to ph up or down every mix… with that being said I’ve checked with digi… used these drops

There very simple and reliable you drop one drop in the mix and it will instantly turn a color and disipate… your looking for the same color everytime … it’s just a wiick check making sure your within range dosent need to be between 6.49 and 6.51 … piss yellow is good enough for ke and my happy plants tell the truth… so it’s been about a year sincenive used a digi and probably wont again… I get the bottles for free from hydroponic store… I’ve spent thousands there he just throws me a bottle or 3 everytime I come in I got several un opened and love the reliability… dont ever have to second guess… the chemicals are going to be spot on every time

Also if you did come to the conclusion you soil ph was low as in 5.4… what measures did you take to bring soil ph up… what kind of soil is it to begin with and if it’s a first run if this soil and is hitting low 5s it cant be stable buffered canabis friendly media… I’m curious of the manufacturer and brand now… usually to fix soil ph u can flush back upnto the buffered set levels in most soiles… butnwhen buildup occurs ph can swing needing a flush… but you dont really see dirt get that far out of whack unless it wasent at midnight lvls tonbegin with…m buffering soil takes a mix of basic slow release amendments such as dolomite lime to keep from swinging down… and soil acidifiers are sulfur containing some times coupled with bacteria to aid in the speeded up slow production if sulfuric acid from the sulfur and bacteri… acidifiers usually contain iron sulfur magnesium zinc copper… most of the micros you need in a good balanced diet… that being said… adjusting and buffering soil to avoid swings like that is a long term process… you probably just did a mega flush and brought up around neutral range by getting rid of just about everything in your soil… that will work but you need to make sure you ph every mix and water to atleast 20% runoff to avoid future build up… there is a product called slf 100

Thid is one if the first secret of the grow world undiscovered on ky first trip to the hydro store… i dont really dont know what it’s like to grow without itt
I mean if your feeding around full strength …plants are right at sweet juuust the tips are burnt… if you add slf 100 to same mix next watering you might burn your plants because the enzymes break down salt nutrients so easily it is making the compounds super readily available and dont really need as much processing as with michrozae and bacsilius breack down if organics… you can use it for organics as well and breaks them compounds down aswell…
You gotta think… septic tanks… rid x it’s an enzyme power you flush down your toilet so it goes to your septic tank and start dissolving the solids for minimal maintenance… same principal with you soil … if you add a capful with every watering you will never have to flush and you wont get ph seings…

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Dang @fano_man . Drop some knowledge! :pray:t3:

I tend to ramble alot about things I know but it gets bad so when I’m stoned …next thing I knew wholly chit I been typing for 40 minutes ! … then I post another pic and ramble some more lol
I look at it as paying homage to the late great @garrigan62 … that was the coolest most generously knowledgeable man I ever met on here and recently passed from the big C… if you check my journal he drops encyclopedias of awsome knowledge he is missed dearly I bet hy his loved ones I never met him and I will definstley remeber him

Ps I’m high … I just rambled about rambling

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I’m using fox farm ocean forest and I have a PH60S Spear pH Tester I use to test ph with

It’s been pretty accurate I tried the soil ph tester u were talking about and it seems to match up pretty well so the apera ph tester is my new best friend