Multiple seeds germinate then die when planted

From a fellow grower- having issues with seeds germinating then not growing when planted. The seeds sprouted then put in about a inch of soil on top. They have been in the Fox Farm soil over a month.


Welcome to the community Growmie. Are the seedlings breaking ground and dying or are they not breaking ground. After breaking ground seedlings require temps around 78-82 with an RH of 65-70%. Overwatering is the most common killer and they require very little water during the 1st 2 weeks. They absorb the moisture through the leaves while their putting roots down and I water a shot glass every 3 days or longer :love_you_gesture:


Fox farms ocean forest is too hot for sprouts/seedlings its burning them up i bet

My bets on to much water. The most common killer of seedlings I see. That dirt looks pretty wet in those pics.



If the seedlings sprout and make it to the soil and then don’t grow/die, it’s a watering problem.

I’ve started seeds in FFOF with no issue.