Mother plants……

My “local” dispensary is offering Chem91 clones from the original 30 year mother. I only have one tent… So how would I keep the mother in veg while my other plants are in flower?? Would I have to buy a 2x2 and light to house the mother?

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We made a small grow space out of an armoire. have a couple clones and a mother in it. Any space can work, even without sides. A cardboard box with a light above it.


Im with @Spiney_norman i put lights under shelves and keep mothers under it along the wall with some side fill light

Might i suggest a 6 ft wardrobe U Haul box for less than 20.oo, comes with clothes rod to hang light from, easy to spray paint flat white walls, fully portable, easy to fabricate vent holes, can be used to hang and dry as well. 24 in x 24in.

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Following. And @kwall429 i wish i was bu that dispensary ! Juat had chemdawg clines from a rez disp. First grow last year. And best weed i ever had. Im in love and need more ! Lol :laughing:

You can buy chem91 seeds from the Cali Connection seeds. I guess he has the legit genetics from Chemdog himself

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Genius idea. I might do this myself


Ty ty ty!

I just looked and seen chem 91 plus sk plus va. Says its mixed not solid chem 91