Mothers - timeframe and space

Hello everyone.

I have two grows under my belt now. Learned a lot. I like the fact that will continue in this wonderful hobby.

I have two tents and am looking into starting a few mothers and flowering clones. Basically i want to know if the tents i have will suffice, and what the rotation will look like. I have a move coming up soon and one of my interests is a nice backyard, trees, vegitation, i have zero problem vegging a few girls here and there hidden outside. It would be ideal. So for now, ill plan to have a veg tent.

I have a 2x4x5 tent that i have two viparspectra 300s. I have a 4.5’x4.5’x7’ flower tent. Currently two 1000 watt air cooled units, i run them both at 500w.

Reason i ask is because i want to upgrade lights and diy a top of the line led, but i keep putting it off because i dont know if ill be keeping this 4.5’tent or should i get one of those two chamber tents or what.

I can keep 4-5 5gal fabric pots in the 2x4 tent. They can onky grow about 2.5’ tall in there but id be toppinf all thr time and rooting the tops anyway right?

And so that means the first time i top five mothers ill get five clones (hopefully) and then i dunno, two weeks later i top again and get ten clones? Then another two or three weeks and get ten to twenty clones is that right?

…if thats right id need another tent.


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Clone r better taken from lower branches, the tops seem to have a hard time getting rooted in my experience. Also u can take 5 clones off one mother at a time atleast. One nice mother can keep u in clones for sure. I just takes clones of whats in veg a week or two before i flip to flower. By time flower done, the clones r ready to go in their place for more flower.

First I want to Welcome you to ILGM " WELCOME "
This is an awesome community some times we get crazy, but for the most part we’re on our game.

As for what you have should be just fine. but let’s be smart about it. You state that your going to move " right"
If I were you I’d wait till you move before getting up and running on cloning.
It would be hell trying to move all that to a new place unless you have time before the move. This is my only my opinion

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This is how I want to eventually setup for growing clones.

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I like your idea of using 2 tents personally. I have a 2 chamber tent:

I’m currently doing the opposite in that I took clones right before flipping to try my hand at growing clones.
I bought the 2 chamber tent for the same reason you are suggesting and I’ll tell you this tent has it’s kinks that I’m still working out.

why not take clones after you flip and have some flower. !!!monster cropping!!!


@basementstealth when should clones be taken during flower? Is there anything that is done diffent than taking clones in veg?

im not experienced in taking clones. but i read a lot. the only problem ive heard about taking clones during flower is not to take clones too late, because the plant matures too far. I would take the clone after you have nice flower growth but while pistils are still white and fresh and before the plumping.

@basementstealth i was just on pintrest reading one of Bergmans articles about “monster cropping” involve taking clone at 21 days(3weeks) or later. Off lower the better. I wont get into all the details but check it out, im sure if u search it on google u will find it or if u happen to b on pintrest

21 days into flower or 21 days from seed…?

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@garrigan62 yes of course in fact im almost done with my last grow here where im at now. But you must have missed where i want to upgrade my lighting by building my own, or where im planning whether to consolidate into one tent or keep spread out in several.

If i find multiple tents is my course (probablh will be) and im keeping my 4.5’ tent, then i have a green light on building a much more efficient light for that size space. If i can wrap my head around a rotation for perpetual grow it may kead me to decidinf on other tent sizes or even a two chamber - which would have a different flowering footprint and id need to decide on that before building that light, if that makes sense. I dont think i said anythinf about starting a grow, i said a lot about making a dozen changes next time and thats why its important to start planning now to save time then.

@SilentHippie how are you liking two chamber tent so far? I would think it sould work good, keep two or three mothers in veg and routinely cut and clone them and throw the clones into flower immediately after rooted - zero veg time -because they wont flower until theyre ready anyway and you wouldnt have the veg space anyway. Staggered flower times so no SCROG but it kinda becomes a perpetual harvest. But im not working it you know maybe it wont work and reauires a second tent anyway.

On the other hand i like the idea of my 2x4 tent with four or five mothers crammed in there and take a lot of clones at once to fill up my big 4.5’ tent and get a good even grow going in there. But im worried the mothers would be ready to be cloned and rooted and ready before the flower tent is available again… so maybe two flower tents and a veg tent would be necesary i dunno

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@basementstealth 21 days into flower

ok ya thats sounds right. when i said dont wait too long i meant later like week 8 or 9. but also ive never !!!monster cropped!!! i just have read about it. thanks for the backup

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The concept of this tent is good. The issues I’m dealing with involve the wall that separate the two chambers. It velcros in and as you can guess, it’s a chore to get it in there just right. I took my time and it still had light leaks. I ran a strip of duct tape around the seams and I think I got it but we’ll see. I’m rooting clones right now so the 2 chambers are on different light schedules so I’m a little tentative. Also, the wall is drawn into the flower room by the exhaust fan a good 4 or 5 inches. I’m currently working out a way to keep it from drawing in as much. The small chamber is 1x4 and should work to keep mothers as long as you don’t let them get too big. I’m not saying I don’t like this tent but 2 separate tents would be easier to manage if you have the room and it sounds like you already have 2.

@SilentHippie what if you cut some thick cardboard or a board of foam insulation board to be a snug fit against the partition between them? It would help add rigidity pkus be an extra light barrier. If usinf foam board they sell some sith reflective covering on it. Or you could drape a mylar sheet across it too. I remember reading light leaks being an issue now that you mention it.

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That’s a good idea. I didn’t think of that. Shouldn’t be too difficult and would definitely solve both issues. The wall is reflective mylar so I can still use that, but the rigid wall would surely help. I don’t hate the tent but just not as refined as I’d like. Thanks! :sunglasses:

Glad to help! Yeah it sucks to have a problem like thst when the tent is designed to have different light periods in the different chambers, you would think a two chamber tent would have two priorities in design : dont fall over, and make sure you can flower in one and veg in other. But at leastnit shouldnt be a hard fix.

Ill have to rewatch the video DN posted and look at the timeframes of the rotation with cloning mothers. 3-4 mothers just cuz variety. Another reason i am considering maybe a two chamber tent is bc mine wad bought second hand and is pretty rough - i just got a replacement kit of the elbow corner pieces - after my HPS lights and fan fell on my four month old girls in flower ad the whole tent imploded - but the fabric is gettinf pretty tore up, lots of little holes.

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Oh wow! Yeah if your tent imploded it might be time to replace it. The brand I bought is Hopolight, if I remember correctly. It seems pretty solid with metal corners. I also paid $170 for it on amazon. Flower room is 4x4 and the propagation room is 1x4