2 girls 1 tent, clone edition

Just finished up my first grow, out of 5 bag seeds 3 took. Out of 3 sprouts I killed one, and 2 were transplanted 2 times into a final 5gal smart pot. After 8 weeks of veg the switch was made to 12/12 for flower. Only had 1 girl out of the 2, the male was taken outside and dried in the sun. Topped my lady just once, did a little LST and supercropping by mistake, bent her a bit too far. She was scrogged at 22in tall. She did just over 8 weeks at flower before I may have gotten too anxious and decided to harvest. My eyes were playing tricks on me and showed about 25% amber when I started
1 week flush. After 48 hours final dark I cut her down to dry, as I inspected most of the trichomes were cloudy and clear, with barely any amber. Hung her for 7-9 days, trimmed over 2 days when I heard the stems snap. She was kept in a 2x4x5 tent her whole life under 1 marshydro 300 then under 2 Mars 300 half way thru flower. She ended up yielding 143g. Now I have 2 of her clones at 9 weeks veg. In a 4x4x7 tent under 2 Mars 300. I know I can do better, so I’m gonna push myself to grow them massive.


Plants look great! But I’d lower your screen and start filling it. Your plants are getting tall. Dont forget about the stretch when you switch to flower. I’d switch now BTW, clones are mature plants, and don’t need as long in veg, you have plenty of vegging growth already.

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I had to veg for 8 wks while my tent was being used for flower and harvest. Wife had to give me permission to buy another tent, had them in a plywood box I made just for small clones and sprouts, and they out grew it quickly. First time cloning, never expected them to grow so fast compared to the mother. Right now they are about to finish wk 10 of veg, since I did a lot of trimming, I spread it out over 2 weeks to give them time to recover. These girls are bigger now than their mother at finish. Both have been topped 5 times on different shoots just to keep it shorter. Got my homemade scrog at 36" high and lights 18-20" above girls.

The girls are in bed early today as they start their first day of 12/12.

5 days into the 12/12, and I must say I think they like it. Giving them big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom and open sesame.

Decided to add some cfls for some extra lighting underneath. Halfway thru the 2 week stretch.

Just finished the 2 week stretch.


Starting to fill in!

22 days into flower


40 days into flower


5 days into the 2 week flush, seeing a good amount of amber. Got bored during flower and decided to do a small sea of green to keep me from harvesting too early this time. The small ones just finished a 4 wk veg and have started flower.

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5 days into drying