More yellowing and burnt ends

I am nearing the start of week 9
Ffof cut with happy frog vermiculite and bone meal
Ff trio with cal mag

Ph in had been 6.2-6.5 - raising this window to 6.5-6.8 currently

Runoffs ppm was high around week 6 so stoped nutrients-

Week 8 saw them get two 1/8 strength watering of tiger bloom with cal mag in between

These are 24 hours prior

Should i be looking to flush them today or start them back on the nutrients?

What is your current runoff PPM? Are you having trouble adjusting runoff pH?


I watered to 15% or so runoff on Wednesday - runoff ppm was 1710-1820-1690 & 1480.

3 jack h and one bubblegum auto from ilgm

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Should i flush or feed to runoff today?

@Wades-concrete this will help

What is the run off PPMS now?

A little high for me personally but that’s expected with the FF trio. Since you’ve flushed recently I would water only at 6.5 until I got those PPMs to around 1000. I would continue calmag and some beneficial microbes :love_you_gesture:

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Jack 2- 1680 - 6.98
Jack 1 - 2470 - 6.97
Jack 3 - 1950 - 6.93
Bubble gum- 2530 - 6.72

This is from the previous watering - 6.71 going in

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PH and PPMs are high. I would water only at 6.2 to get that PH back in a better range of 6.5 and 1000 PPMS for the flowering stage. Once those are close to being back in range, feed at 1/4 strength :love_you_gesture:

Water or feed to approximately 20% run off every time

Have gotten runoffs for all plants under 1000, will start with 1/4 strength nutrients next watering


Excellent, nice work :love_you_gesture:

They will thank you for it…accurate tds/ph meters and monitoring is the key.

Measure each scoop of nutrients by its ppm it adds to your gallon of water . But if you have more than 1200 ppm already in the runoff , thats whats at the root zone , adding more will burn them , skip a feeding and just give them additives and ph water with about 150 -300ppm thats it for a week and those ppm numbers shoukd reduce by at least 400 ppm depending on how old your plants roots are at this stage of growth ?

Most recent runoff for each plant was in the 840-930

These autoflowers are all in week 9 from sprouts.

I usually cut recommend doses in 1/8 or 1/4 strength and dont exceed 800ppm

Not watering to enough runoff or any ar all has been a issue for me

@Wades-concrete can i ask one question :thinking:?
Are you feeding from the nutrient chart based on what week it says , compared to the plants :potted_plant: age in weeks ?
If so this can be all wrong my friend , i might have so info that will enlightened you a bit more .
Example they 9 weeks so you feeding your nutrients at 9 week feeding on the feeding chart are how you measuring what to feed at 9 week old autos ?
I might can simplify this for you a bit if you doing what im thinking :thinking:, we all done it !

Feeding based on the chart for veg - shorten or extend this based on when flowering starts then start the flowering part of the schedule

Okay :ok_hand:, hopefully this might help you out once it hit me oneday in the garden , i was just in my meditation and reading and it likes tge plants said it :grinning:, I swear but i felt so dumb once i got it and im not sure of how many here but i promise you this , it wont be many comments on this response of grow wisdom cause they ass did not figure it out yet trust me on this .
Okay on the grow chart for the nutrient line what does it say for week 1 feeding and did you give 1/8 of that amount week 1 ?

Week 1 on the Nutrient charts for nutrients lines is " NOT " I REPEAT NOT for week one of the plants growth age .
Week 1 is for the very first week you decide to start feeding the plants week one nutrient line measurement ?
Hello did light come on yet , Hello :wave:?
If you give the plants :potted_plant: the first 4 to 6 weeks of plain ph water with seaweed extract , fish shit , calmag , silica , thwy will grow healthy .
Okay they been growibg for 6 weeks now , and you ready to start feeding nutrients , each 5mls or scoop shake it and measure the ppms of that measurement and this feeding will be " Week 1 " on the feeding charts even though the plants are 6 weeks old , your first nutrient feed is week 1 not week one of the plants age , make this go Viral here please cause im almost for certain its a whole lot of growers here who never figured that part out just yet , Hopefully this will enlighten you and get you a better understanding to how to grow them.

This is how they stand currently- still moist from previous watering

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