More yellowing and burnt ends

Your numbers still around a 1000 and PH 6.5? The purple tint leaf tint appears to be natural coloring. The damaged leaves won’t recover and can be removed. How many weeks in actual flower? Keep the feed/water cycle going alternating between the 2 and sampling run off. You’ll notice a difference in a few or more days with bud growth. Just looking at the pistils, probably 3-4 weeks from Harvest :love_you_gesture:

Yes - previous runoffs were between 880 and 930 - 6.55 in 6.68 out

Week 5 of flower in the two smaller further along plants and 3 1/2 in on the two larger plants.

Have these 3 zkittles autoflowers as well - about 2.5 weeks into veg - is it time to water these to runoff as well?

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I wouldn’t in soil, coco is a different and airy medium and I water them to run off around week 3 :love_you_gesture: