More dumb newbie questions

So we’ve FIMmed our beloved feminized True OG clone, and she appears to be responding with new growth. She’s about 4-5 weeks old (we believe) and planted in FF Ocean Forest.

We want to start giving her nutes, but nobody around here has the FF liquid trio. I see good things about Dr. Earth, and it’s widely available here. I know it needs more nitrogen in veg, but most of the Dr. Earth stuff I see appears to have even N-P-K values.

  • Is a 4-4-4 fertilizer okay for veg stage?

*Is now a good time to start feeding?

*The Dr. Earth I see on the shelves is not liquid, but granules, I guess. Do we dig this into the top layer of soil, or do we dissolve it in liquid first (is that making a “tea”?)?

*While the plant appears healthy, there are a couple of concerning leaves. What’s up with this?

Thanks to all who read & reply!

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Welcome ! I would think about in the near future a bigger pot. 5 or 7 gallon would be a good choice. Also looking at the pictures Leafs drooping straight down leads me to believe you’re overwatering. how often are you watering and how much. I’ve heard good things about DR earth in granulated form side dressing would take it a little while to work. Let’s see what other members think about the product.

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I must admit to making the rookie error of watering too much, which I know can kill it with kindness. Because it’s been so hot here with temps over 100 for the last five days (and expected to remain this way in SoCal for the next few days), =we’ve given it about a 1/4 to 1/2 cup a day for a few days, I guess. But we stop as soon as it starts dripping out the bottom.

Do you think a bigger pot would work now, or transplant when we start in with the nutes?

Any idea about the browning, dying leaves toward the bottom of the plant?

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right here is a great post about watering made by @Hellraiser . I suggest reading it and quite frankly if you have time the whole thread. There is a a ton of information there. There are several other great threads like it as well on this forums. Ill tag a few folks to come check this out @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @repins12 @Zee


Yes, that will work. Just may need a flower booster.

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OK New guy here. I am hoping to glean Info from you all really smart 420 farmers out there. Ok Legal weed growing WOW! So I started under a Burpee Grow Light system and started 3 Western Grail and 3 Skittles Girls Auto Flowering .I went out got FoxFarm Oraganic soil and so Murshroom compost mixed well All 6 girls popped up in 3 days and now 3 weeks later 2 Western and 1 Skittle outside after transplanting into a nice protected box. The indoors girls are doing well also. I also add nutrient’s for grow from Fox Farm bat poop and all good stuff once a week. Water when they get dry

If the pictures didn’t load I am sorry just trying to figure it all out I started a bit late July 8th planted so inside I have a grow room coming and outdoors well that’s not up to me Spudeater thanks you

If you just potted into fresh FF OF there is plenty of food within the soil to keep her happy for atleast the first 3 weeks of being in the fresh soil id recommend only some type of calmag mixed with ph’d water for the first few weeks let her settle into the new soil and reestablish her roots and expand like mentioned above a bigger pot like a 5gallon would be a great size i wouldn’t start using any nutes till around the 3rd week and id start with a quarter dose and work your way up over the weeks your plant also looks like its good on nitrogen atm due to the dark green leafs also need to lighten up on the water do you have a good ph and ppm meeter?

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Welcome @spudeater65 . I recommend starting a grow journal. Since I don’t see an actual question from you and this topic is a year old. Happy growing!

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Yes but there in lays my big problem keeping things in order ,tracking yes I know all started july 7th and outside been about 4 weeks getting Sunand heat every day. I skills at excel fail spreadsheet stuff SO the big question does anyone have templates I could copy & Paste thank you.

I don’t understand how to follow properly either. Have you learned any clues? Is there someplace to find out acronym meanings?

Follow as in updates to a thread…? There is a little “Bell” icon at least on a PC, hit that…its a notification, then set what you want. Acronyms for what “FF HF” Fox Farms happy frog, answer is simple just ask Direct

Ignore my rant, glossary is below it.

Ah. Yeah if you @name and it’s not their topic. 99% of the time they won’t notice a reply. Unless they are tracking the topic. which there are so many it would be impossible to be tracking all. Think that’s a bigger reason for the restructuring. And the acronyms are now at the top of the grow guides ( store ) which where deconstructed. Hopefully not how they are meant to be. Would be the opposite of what is trying to be done with forum. Since before those guides where a breeze to sail through. I gave up trying to navigate them logically after 20 minutes two nights ago. Was checking the updates. There is nice and updated information. I just wish it was still in the tree format as before. Which is the exact perfect format for any directory. Hence why directories are formated that way… heh… honestly if you asked me to find the diagnostic page of the guides. I’d only pull up words atm . Which won’t help jog my memory as before.

I used to scroll though 9 different conditions per page (vertically/perpetually till end). Now one… so even the automatic comparisons with names are gone… bad move.

Not gonna lie. The seed stores examples of deficiency are spectacular. Way better than any artist made leaf or plant chart or combination of.
Just sucks instead of having rows of pictures there’s this, hopefully temporary.

Dear Pet_le_Chien
Thanks. Really aappreciate the reply. Kind of feeling my way along here. Cheers, Fontaknow

Dear budz, Glossary is a big help. Thanks for that. Fontaknow

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I hang a full size calendar just outside the room. All notes writin on that day.
I dont need a spread sheet in the house on the pc.