Is this plant officially in Veg?

Hello all, I have a single plant at this point and in wondering if she’s officially in Veg? Here are a couple of photos:


I’ve heard that when she has 5 sets of leaves, but I’m not sure how big those leaves have to be…

Please let me know if you’d like more information or photos.


I think she’s in veg stage so now what is your plan for her? Also…what strain it’s?
I think you need to repot her in a bigger pot (maybe big enough to let her stay permanently in that)



You can put her into veg and go easy on the nutrients at first and transplanting her into her final home won’t hurt either

Will joint


First, should I consider this as day 1 in veg? I’m in no hurry… I plan to grow and grow her into a SCROG.

Thanks for the transplant advice. I’m planning on moving her to a 1, 3, 5, and 10 gallon soft pots as I’ve heard that transplanting, especially with soft pots really stimulates root growth.

When should I consider feeding her? She’ll be planted in FFOF. I’ll be using FF nutes.

All advice is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

First of all you need to fimm or top her(if you want many colas), after that you need to start LST technique. And don’t know exactly if repot stimulate root growth so let’s ask some people about that : @bob31 @FloridaSon @Majiktoker @Hogmaster @garrigan62 @Stomper


Repotting in bigger pots allows for a plant to grow more vigorously the more root room it has the bigger the plants will be


I would transplant her directly into a 3gal for auto or 5gal for fem. She is entering the vegetative stage and I
would Hold off on femming or topping the important thing is to get her into her new home and let her recover
before doing anything else.


I think it’s time for bigger shoes. Make sure they are big enough to grow into. That works for plants too. The color is telling me they would like more nitro. They look great but a little wet maybe, just need some drainage. Once they hit the third node and multi fingered leaves they are vegging.

I agree with three gal for auto, five for photo.


@Stomper, @gldeaton50, @M4ur, and @Majiktoker - It seems the consensus is to definitely move her to a bigger pot. Her strain is Blueberry/Fem/Photo.

With all your fine suggestions, my plan is to move her into a 5 gallon soft pot using FFOF soil. I’ll then give her 4 or 5 days to get acclimated before thinking about nutes. Question: does the FFOF soil provide enough nutes for a few weeks or should I start giving her the FF Big Grow after the 4 or 5 days?

Thanks again for the help!

Looks like I got my answer here: Plant growth and care 🌱 - #11 by Rugar89 No need to fertilize for a month or so.

FFOF soil contains enough neuts to sustain her for awhile. I would start with big bloom at 1/2 strength 1 wk after transplant as it encourages root growth. Be careful with big grow as it is higher in nitrogen and it probably isn’t necessary for 2 to 3 wks. I never use above 1/2 strength. Blueberry is a great strain I have an auto coming up on 4 wks,


I would add the Big Bloom and Grow Big after transplanting, personally. The Big Bloom is the root hormone type additive you use with both the Grow Big in veg and Tiger Bloom in flower - hence Big Bloom.

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I’ll be transplanting her tonight. Here are some updated photos (proud father…):


Here’s a cropped image of the photo taken from above. The leaves are so dense. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to top or Fimm her:

Any thoughts???

I think you may have a nutrient problem if you look closely at the leaves in the pic they are covered with white dots. I do some research and get back to you.

Look at this ones maybe you figure what and how to do it.


Or maybe this help!


After looking in plant care guides nutrients it looks like it could be the early stage of a nitrogen deficiency which might also lend to the compact growth. Transplanting will probably solve the problem.

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I should mention that I’m transplanting into 5gal soft pots from the cups, and using FFOF soil. Should be plenty of nutes in there.

The FFOF should do the trick I use it myself with good results

Use some perlite if you can get and mix it whit that soil (75%soil+25%perlite).

FFOF already has perlite in it.

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That’s good because I didn’t have time to get any…