My first grow questions?

Ok I have Northern Lights Autoflower she hasn’t even cracked her shell yet. The medium will be foxfarm ocean floor. and gen hydro flora series. (everything you need in 1 box) After she sprouts i plan on keeping her inside for a week then acclimate her to the heat outside. its in the 80s now.

This is where i need some advice. How to feed her. what do you guys recommend as she starts to grow. Remember this will be outside so i know she will need plenty of water. Do you feed only 1 time per week. its been years since i grew and i get tons of anxiety about it. I am frustrated already and she hasnt even cracked yet. @raustin @anon35207245 @anon95385719 if you guys know anyone that can give me some advice tag them since i dont know a lot of people on this forum.

I tried to download the grow book from here and it is not letting me do it again and i dont know where i put it from the last time i got it.

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Count me out regarding outside, but I doubt you’ll need anything other than ph’d water for the first maybe 4 weeks as the FF should have enough nutrients in it for that time and maybe a bit more.

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Thanks @anon35207245 i will keep you updated but count you out of the grow. But can you answer me 1 question first? I am totally new at this. So say i mix 1 gallon of nutes following the feed chart. Do i just feed that all in one shot or use that gallon to water the plant for the week?

FFOF has everything you need to grow all the way through veg without any additional nutes. In fact, that soil is fairly “hot” so I would not add anything until flower. Just PH 6.5 water.


That is the plan now. @Myfriendis410 But can you answer the watering question? Do i used the whole gallon at 1 time or use the same gallon of nutes all week long? I still dont have a clear answer on this

My last grow was a Deep Water Culture so i just followed the nute feed chart in the water and it sat it that all week. This is soil and i dont know what i am doing

You really shouldn’t ever mix any nutrients or PH any water and let it stand as chemical changes occur over time and the PH will drift within 8 hours until it’s buffered.

Remember that the number one issue in growing cannabis is PH and the number two issue is nutrient burn (over watering is like number three). Many growers have experienced nute burn in FFOF WITHOUT any additional nutes. You will be flirting with problems if you simply feed during veg.

A better set up would be to layer your soil and start your plant in something much milder like FF Happy Frog on top with FF Ocean Forest on the bottom.


Ok so i have the seed germinated and planted.

As already said, don’t feed if you’re using FF ocean forest, it’s very hot soil and you might even see some nute burn in the beginning from just the soil alone. Don’t worry about it though, the lants will adjust in time. You can start feeding nutes after about four or five weeks, or when she goes into flower.

@Raustin i understand that my medium has plenty of food in it. But still no one answers the question do i used a gallon of water with food all week or mix like 1/2 gallon and then use water all week.

You should only feed once a week. If you do feed more, than you will need a lower nutrient dosage. So if you mix a gallon of nute water, and you water your plant. And don’t use all of that water, You can wait until the next time you’re suppose to feed comes around. But I wouldn’t recommend keeping any nute mixes longer than a week. Even a couple days for some, they begin to smell off to me.
So its usually a water, water, feed, regime or something along those lines.

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Are you going in pots outside or are you going with holes in the ground with Fox Farm outdoors I have very nutrient rich soil and I’ve only had to feed mine once every two weeks it really all depends on if you’re in the ground or in pots

Remember to transition slowly to outside
Put them i a shady spot the first week or so when you go out :+1:

off topic question about grow tents i have seen a few 3x3x5 tents for 50 bucks are these just super cheap tents or do they work pretty well i am already set getting a qb 135. but will any cheap tent do for starting out?

@Rayofsunshine just my two cents I’ve never used the ocean forest or potting mix really for that matter but I have mine outdoors since may just remember if your going in the ground the roots will search out water outside of the potting soil and I feed a gallon of water at a time maybe twice a week full nutes but have other stuff grabbing the nutes aswell

Some strains like lots of nitrogen and some don’t. It all depends on the strain, you may use 1/2 strength Big Bloom in the gallon starting in your second week acording to their chart, and on your amnesia haze it will get yellow tips in a couple days showing nute burn. But on your chronic widow it eats it up, same goes with Cal Mag, you can nute burn some plants with that too.

Well i just found out i ordered fem seeds not auto (i swear they said auto) So now i am on crunch time for setting up a grow tent since i know its to late to start a grow outside for regular seeds. @raustin I know you just switched to a qb but did you get good results using a blurple light? I saw a meizhi 600w for 150 on amazon would this be a decent light to do some starter grows with? @dbrn32 @anon95385719 or @Countryboyjvd1971 Any Recommendations for a starter light and tent system. I have a very fixed income

@Rayofsunshine, i feed twice a week according to foxfarm soil schedule, just not the dose they specify but that you will learn over time. i usually pour about 1/2 liter of ph’ed water first to get top good and wet then the gallon or 2liter that i mixed up with the nutes and poor it in there until you have at least 20 to 30% runoff coming out the bottom and remove it however u have to. Don’t let it sit in the runoff water! then i wait until completely dry and then water until 20 t0 30% runoff, then completely dry, then feed, water, etc.

bout tent, don’t think you’ll be happy with 5’ height. i have a 3x3 but it’s 6’ tall. just depends on training and how tall u want them or should i say keep them. hope this helps

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all these cheap tents on amazon does that really matter. does a 3x3x60 tent for 90 work better then a 3x3x60 for 50 and all these cheap lights are they all bad ? or can i get one for say 150 that works good?

For $150 I’d grab one of those hlg-100’s and stick it in a 2x2. You can get that set up pretty cheap, and run something like a single plant scrog or 4 untrained single cola plants pretty easily. Something like a 32”x32” wouldn’t be bad either.

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thanks i was going to ask you about that 100 light it dont use a heat sink will that work fine to get started then maybee upgrade later on this year?

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