Question about Feeding in Veg?

Hey Dudes,

Ice Sheets here. I was wondering what you guys think about starting to feed my girls during Veg. It has been 24 days since I planted the Bruce Banner and Gold Leaf seeds. They look very healthy but I was thinking about feeding them some liquid seaweed with the next water to help the soil retain moisture. What are your thoughts? Also should I start up on FF big bloom? I am growing in FF Ocean Forest. It’s just passed week 3.

Check the set up below. I love advice!!!


It’s hard to hurt plants with just a bit of kelp. That said, I’ve never fed plants that young, and I really wouldn’t do it if you are in FFOF. FFOF will have plenty of nutes for your girls for their first 5 to 6 weeks, and you can restart that clock with each transplanting.

Imo, you don’t need any nutes for another 4 or 5 weeks.


@MidwestGuy thanks man! When do you think I should top these ladies? Or with my set up should I Fim? Plan on just doing some LSt throughout.

(Will be putting in 1000 watt hps in this tent and moving leds to my veg tent)

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You can top or FIM. I personally top, but FIMing has its fans too.

When I top I wait until the plant is mature enough that I can leave an inch of stem above the 4th node. You have a week to 10 days left before you can top.

I’ve illustrated it on a pic I just took of one of my similarly aged plants. I will top this plant in about a week. I want to top an inch above the node so that some of the stem above the 4th node lives too and it will support the development of a good knuckle at the topping site.


@IceSheets if you haven’t done any ppm runoff readings yet don’t start feeding until you do. Like @MidwestGuy said FF OF is a fairly hot soil. I’m using a 50/50 mix of FF OF and FF Coco Loco. I’m in 3rd week of Veg and my ppm readings are still very high. So try to start taking ppm out readings and get a idea of where you are at on nutrients in the soil. This is a picture of my plants at 3 weeks with no feeding yet


I use the less hot FF Happy Frog and I didn’t introduce nutes until I was a week into flowering and had done a flush.

The only thing I will add for my younger plants is seed sprout tea and silica.

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Those are some monsters for 3 weeks old.


what strain are they

I’m fairly new to this. I put tap rooted seeds in soil on November 30. I transplanted from starter pots on December 15. I’m not sure if that is when you consider the start of Veg. This is what my plants looked like on December 15 right before transplant.

I have 7 currently growing. Three GDP’S, four Green Crack. Both from ILGM.

Any links for those black saucer grill thing

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WHY would you add anything after saying that? Are you trying for healthier? You are far better off to let the plants run in that substrate until they tell you they need supplement. FFOF is good into flower with no nutes.

I know it’s sexy to nuke the plants with chemicals (I do it too haha!) but it pays to be judicious in application. Often; less is more.


They have them on Amazon for something like $14.86 a piece. A little bit high for me. I found them on a site Better Grow Hydro 13" for $1.66. But they charge for shipping with UPS. So ended up paying $43.86 for 10. So $4.38 a piece. Not to bad, at least I didn’t think to bad.

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@Myfriendis410 Your right. I guess I was more curious about adding a little bit of liquid seaweed to one of my water cycles. I read that it can help the soil retain moisture. I can already tell that these girls are gonna be some thirsty bitches.

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