Merry Christmas. A seedling is born on Christmas Day…help please

Ok so finally I think looks good. Yesterday nothing. Today broke soil and got tall. I check at 5am and she was born👊🏼 so… I have not had much luck this year with starting. Last one I went of the watering chart here and drowned it. I gave a cup. Right at root. What I have picked up is… ignore the chart and don’t water near root.

She has a small dome in her and is getting light. Could you guys help with watering schedule as it seems advice is all over the place. Do I still just spray around dome? If so how long until actual water and how much. I have nutrients from this site but have been advised don’t use the seedling one. I am using FoxFarm Happy Frog. I’m leaving her be. Any advice is appreciated. Girl Scout Cookie autoflower


Watering of soil is not necessary if using a humidity dome. Spray mist inside of the dome a couple of times per day and place the dome back over the plant. The plant can get all of the water it needs via the humidity in the dome. Begin watering when the plant outgrows the dome, but never water more than the plant can consume in a couple of days.

If you choose to water instead of using a dome, then all she needs is a few ml of water per day at this point. Increase watering volume as necessary as the plant grows and matures, but again, not more at one time than the plant can consume in a couple of days. Cannabis needs wet/dry cycles throughout it’s life for good root health.

You won’t need to use nutrients for ~4 weeks. Use a PPM meter to measure runoff PPM and feed as necessary to maintain runoff PPM at ~1,000 PPM.


Thank you! Even if it’s a small dome?

Does she look ok to you? Lanky?

Better lighting will resolve this.

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Gotcha I’ll monitor and change if need be. Literally there was nothing broken through soil yesterday. Then this morning wham


Plant will stretch excessively when not given adequate light.

You can manage light intensity properly by downloading the Photone app and monitoring PPFD at the plant top.

Here are PPFD minimum guidelines by growth stage:

Seedling: 300 PPFD minimum
Veg stage: 600 PPFD minimum
Flowering: 800 PPFD minimum

You can run at higher PPFD levels. You should be able to achieve higher levels with 430 true watts. These are the suggested minimums for productive plants. I run my plants at 1,100 PPFD from veg through flowering and it takes ~400 watts above each plant to get there. You get diminishing returns for PPFDs above 1,100 without tweaking your grow environment pretty substantially.


Thanks bud!

It had no light as was in soil yesterday at noon….had not broken through….then today at 5am i see this so turned on light

I have a 10 day old seedling that has grown out at an angle as well.
I have the fan blowing on them and i just rotate her when ever i see her leaning to much. Within a couple of days she’s incredibly strong and straight up.

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Here are some updated pictures - day 6 today - she looks good to me. I have been lightly spraying the inside of the dome. I also sprayed a little of the soil not next to the stem - out a little. My question now - when do I start giving water? How much?

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Got it - so still no watering…just spray the dome…I am only home morning and night is that sufficient…you think I should give a little additional water or nope?

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I say nope, not yet. If any at all just very little on the very outer edge of your cup. Make those roots grow and search for water outward. Allow the roots to get oxygen making sure to avoid suffocating them or dampening off. Looking good right now.

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I am retired, so home all of the time. I have seedlings that came up around christmas. I still don’t water at all and I only mist the inside of the dome cups once per day. They are doing fine.

I could get by misting the dome cups every other day. The inside of the cup stays foggy most of the time.

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Awesome! Would love to see!

Gotcha! How do I know when? When bigger than dome?

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When leaves reach the outside of your cup it will be time to transplant to bigger pot. Then same practice. Water a decent little ring a few inches away from stalk. Let dry. Then continue a little more each time until around 30 days or a few good nodes then you can water to runoff, get your ppm and ph numbers. Blast off!!!

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Here you go…some are a bit further along than others. Two of them are marginal. Old seeds are likely the cause for the puny ones. :man_mage:

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It’s in a 5 gallon pot so I don’t need to transplant right? I thought the purpose of 5 gallon pot was to keep in it and no transplant

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5 gallon is pefect. I look at so many pics i overlooked that yours was already in a big enough pot. My bad. The thread right before plant was same size but in solo cup. Don’t look like you will have to water again for a good while. Allow those roots to get oxygen. You are using soil, correct?

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Yuppers. Foxfarm Happy Frog

Phew. Thought I had to buy more lots ha

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