3 week wellness check & watering ?'s

3 weeks old today and they seem pretty healthy to me. This is my first grow and I know nothing but they sure are growing. They have between 3 and 4 weeks before they go into fabric pots outside. I haven’t watered them in 4 days but the soil (Happy Frog) is still wet when I put my finger down in it. Is it normal not to water for so long? I still mist them, they really seem to like that.

Thanks for looking.

BTW - There is one pic with the reflective shield and one without. LED light is on veg for both pics.

If you are still misting them they won’t take up as much water from the soil. Misting isn’t necessary and you can burn your leaves if done when the lights are on. The water droplets act as little magnifying glasses.

I suggest not misting them, as cannabis and chronically wet soil definitely don’t get along. That said, they do look pretty good, though it is hard to truly tell unless you post a pic taken under natural lighting.

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Thanks Fixer, I will cease the misting and see if the soil dries out a bit. Here is a pic with the flash from my phone. The two OG Kush & the two Amnesia Haze are really healthy. One of the Super Skunk is very healthy also but the center Super Skunk has been a sickly little girl from the get go. It’s third and fourth leaves had yellow spots (I removed them) and now as it grows the leaves are curling a bit.

If anyone has any suggestions or maybe advice for that girl please let me know.


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They do look pretty happy. Be sure to let the soil dry out between waterings.

Thanks Fixer. I am going to let it dry out as much as I dare. It’s really hard not to water them.