Mediums and watering plants

My plant is fourteen days old is there a time that the whole medium will have to be totally wet about what age for plant and when do run offs start

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If you re in a cup just moisture but if you go to transplant you soil be run off checking you water pH

What type of medium are you using?

I start full saturation 1 week after sprouting then in coco I start them on a 3 day regiment and soil 4-5

Fox farm soil

They are in 3gal pot

I water with 1cup water every 2-3 days never have saturated the soil

Well start on it 3 gallon pots should be able to handle 1/4 gallon of water every watering

How often

And how long are roots by now

I water with 6.3 ph water

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Every 2 or 3 days you pH is good just feel you pot if is light is time to water her

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6.2-6.5 ph is sweet spot for soil.
When I was running soil just make sure you run off is at least 4 cups of water and then in 2-3 days lift your pot up and it it feels light and soil is dry give a watering…

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Happy grow bro i have on seedling with 3 days and one variegated on 3 weeks ol in hff

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How high can temp get in tent before it cause harm and I use water meters have u tried that

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I wouldn’t let it get hotter than 79* F

I think dependent of you strain if sativa no more that 90 f but I’m no expert I read that good grow is 72 to 85 f

I’m in 60% sativa sour Diesel she like hot temp like 80f

White widow auto

Stick your finger into dirt to 2nd knuckle. If. Dry water if moist wait

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