Maybe a little paranoid

Have 2 gorgeous plants (Wedding Cake) Its been really hot humid here on Long Island. They are in pots lots of sun, growing in Magic Frog medium, Been fertilizing using ILGM fertilizer In accordance with schedule provided.
I see a little drooping at dusk. Is that normal?
When I see it during day i hit with water and it perks up beautifully. Do not want to over water.Last year my plants got bud rot but I’m sure that was due to the pot i planted them in. Poor drainage.This year bottom of pots look like swiss cheese.ha

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Before lights out either the sun going down or lights going off they can droop as they are resting. :blush::v:

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Overwater isnt a singular action. Instead it is repeated instances. If ot was the other way around flushing the soil wouldnt be a thing. Its important to allow the soil to have dry periods. Some call it drench and drought. How much liquid do you give and how often do you give it, and in what size pot?

Not at all. Air pruned roots and great drainage are a beautiful things.
Also, welcome back to the community.


Thank you all. Always appreciate the great help